The Harrisville Conservation met at the town offices on Chesham Road on Wednesday, April 5, 2017.

Members present: Winston Sims, Harry Wolhandler, Andrea Polizos, Jay Jacobs, Doug Gline, and Les LaMois

Meeting opened at 7:00 pm

Jay Jacobs moved to accept with modification. All vote in favor.

Minutes of March 1, 2017
Les LaMois motioned to approve. Winston Sims seconded. All voted in favor.

Election of Officers
Doug Gline moved to table discussion of election of officers until after the presentations by Don Scott and Greg Grigsby. Jay Jacobs seconded. All voted in favor.

Don Scott for Phil and Kathryn Miner
With photographs and design plans on hand, Don Scott described to the commission the proposal to construct a perched beach on the small Silver Lake parcel owned by the Miners. Mr. Scott explained the Wetlands Permit regulations relevant to the Miner’s filing of an application with the state, and the approval sought by the Conservation Commission in order to expedite the process for state review.  Mr. Scott also addressed the relevant Shoreland Permit requirements related to the construction of the storage shed on the same parcel, which he had previously received required approval for by both the Conservation Commission and the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Scott explained that the particular location for the perched beach was chosen because it was already disturbed, because it sits above the high water mark and because no trees or vegetable would have to be removed.  He explained that the characteristics for a perched beach, the only kind allowed by the state, include having a barrier between the beach and the lake and that the beach is level. He further described how the patch of sand becomes an amenity to the property because it serves as a filter and is a stabilizing element. The proposed design includes the use of existing stones and additional stones to build a retaining wall, with 3-foot-wide natural stone steps (the state limit is 4’) leading to the water line. Measurements for the beach are 22’ deep and 20” high and would be 21” over the high water mark.  Mr. Scott will use silt fencing and compost socks during construction. Because under State law the beach cannot occupy more than 20% of water line, the proposed design contains a 22’ dimension, and because it can’t use more than 10 yards of sand, that is the amount proposed.  Mr. Scott demonstrated how the design and the property exceed the point requirements for trees and he explained that, although the Miners cannot meet the required 20’ setback from a neighbor, they have a letter of agreement from the neighbor approving the proposal.

Jay Jacobs motioned to approve the proposal and to accept the Wetlands Permit Application statement read by Don Scott addressing the HCC’s agreement to project. Andrea Polizos seconded. All voted in favor.  The HCC signed and dated the application form, waiving its right to intervene, avowing that the application and submitted plans accurately represent the proposed project and claiming no objection to the proposed work.

Greg Grigsby for George and Anne Colony
A landscape architect for Pelletieri Associates and representing George and Anne Colony, Greg Grigsby presented before the HCC design plans for an “in-kind” replacement (as described by the state) of an existing deck and patio on the Colony’s Eastside Lake Road property. Similar to the Miners, the Colonys seek approval from the HCC in the hope of an expedited process with the state.  Mr. Grigsby described how he proposes to remove the existing wall and reconstruct it and the stairs leading to the water. He explained his use of turbidity curtains in the lake during the construction process and stated that the footprint would remain the same.

Harry Wolhandler moved to approve the project. Andrea Polizos seconded. All voted in favor.  All agreed it was an “in kind” replacement project, which adds stability and water drainage improvements.

Election of Officers
Harry Wolhandler described his objectives for the Commission and its leadership and proposed his name as the new Chairman. The group discussed their hopes for the board and its leadership moving forward and Winston Sims stated his position regarding remaining Chairman. The idea of a rotating chairman position was raised and debated, after which the group decided having a single Chairman was a more effective leadership strategy.  Upon a final vote by the Commission members, it was determined that Winston Sims would remain Chairman.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.