Meeting location: Town offices
Date: March 9, 2017
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Andrew Maneval, Jonathan Miner
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm. Meeting adjourned: 9:30 pm.

Documents signed and reviewed:

SB approved and signed the Selectmen Meeting Minutes for March 2, 2017.

SB approved a letter to the Community Development Finance Authority expressing support of Historic Harrisville’s hydropower project.

Fernald, Taft, Falby & Little – SB noted Letter from Silas Little regarding John Cucchi’s Motion to Continue Hearing for February 27, 2017.

SB received paving schedule for Division IV DOT for 2017, which SB reviewed with respect to Route 137.

SB reviewed cost savings estimates from Eversource for Proposed LED lighting. Information provided by Eversource, while involving installation costs, is anticipated to save the town annually between approximately $5500 and $6700.

AssessingRegarding the Application for Property Tax Credit Exemptions for Enid Rae Smith, SB reviewed and, upon review, denied the application based on Assessor’s recommendation and because, at this time, the application doesn’t appear to meet current regulations. SB signed Application for Current Use for James & Virginia Upton of Brown Road (Map-40 Lot-32-2).

Tax Collector – SB approved request for a check for $100.00 for Rennie Timm and Bob Collingsworth for the Annual Spring Workshop in April 2017. SB acknowledged Notice of Abatement Credit Applied for Mary Desrosiers located on 7 Lampman Road (Map 20, Lot 31-1).

Planning Board – Sherry Sims and Ned Hulbert met with the Selectmen to discuss proposed new members to the Planning Board in light of the current composition of the board and the long-term hopes and needs for the board and its working groups. The SB agreed on the proposal, stating their understanding that new members will begin as alternates and will be trained. Both the PB and SB agree more regular conversations between the two boards are helpful and should continue. In addition the PB suggested the possibility of a babysitting option at Town Meeting. Andrew Maneval will contact Andrea Polizos on the subject. Finally, the PB advised the SB how it would vote on two of the proposed Warrant Articles and that it would speak against the closing of the Land Conservation Trust Fund and the paving of Bonds Corner Road, in both cases because of its view they conflict with the Master Plan. The SB restated its reasons for supporting the Warrant Articles with all parties acknowledging the various viewpoints will be heard at Town Meeting.

Conservation Commission – Winston Sims attended to ask the SB if it had made a decision on the the request of the HCC for the SB to withdraw the Land Conservation Trust Fund Warrant Article or to withdraw support of it. Andrew Maneval responded it was his belief the SB is legally constrained regarding withdrawal. The SB further stated that after considering the HCC’s request, it respectfully declines to change its position based on reasons previously stated by SB members and given that the HCC, if it needs funds for any specific purpose in the future, can request them through Town Meeting. Winston Sims requested more discussion in SB minutes reflecting decisions taken by the SB; the SB responded with its view of how the minutes should be prepared and restated that all meetings are open to the public for opportunities to hear board members’ individual views and additional discussion.

Other Business:

The SB discussed the format and organizational matters related to Town Meeting.

John and Anne Cucchi met with the Selectmen to ask about the implications of their current lawsuit on the imminent filing of their application and whether or not it would affect the application’s status. They also wondered if pursuing the application would affect any litigation. Andrew Maneval responded that it is the SB’s hope to get the application process moving forward and that the Cucchi’s decisions or individual rights outside the application itself remain their own. Both the SB and the Cucchis agreed on benefit of continuing dialogue and continuing the conceptual consultation process to obtain acceptance of the application by the Planning Board, with any discussion of substance of the application to occur subsequent to its acceptance.

SB acknowledged receipt of correspondence regarding retirement options for town employees.

NH DES – SB acknowledged receipt of 2016 Annual Facility Report Forms. SB requests from Angela Hendrickson a copy of last year’s form.

March 13th SB to deliver booths and Election items to Wells Memorial School prior to 6:00pm.
March 14th Polls Open 11:00am to 8:00pm. Select Board will attend on rotating basis throughout the day; Town Meeting begins at 7:00 pm.
March 15TH ZBA Meeting
March 27th – 29th – Audit