Meeting location: Town offices
Date: March 2, 2017
Members present: Jay Jacobs; Andrew Maneval; Jonathan Miner
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting adjourned: 9:30 pm

Documents signed and reviewed:

SB signed Weekly Financials in the amount of $10,583.08.

SB signed both copies of the Selectmen Meeting Minutes for February 23, 2017.

SB signed 2016 Audit paperwork from Vachon Clukay.

SB noted email from John Cucchi regarding Motion to Delay. Mr. Cucchi has agreed to put on hold the legal case and to meet with the Planning Board for a consultation on his new subdivision application. SB hopes the PB can agree on sufficiency of application contents.

SB approved Alexis’s proposal of $2,748 for the new server.

SB reviewed the final draft of the Town Report. They have no comments regarding substance and, regarding formatting, if Jonathan Miner is able to troubleshoot, he will get back to Angela Hendrickson by Friday morning.

Regarding the proposed warrant article proposing Harrisville as a sanctuary town, the SB decided it would not make any public statement as a board on the matter.


Assessing – SB signed Timber Yield Tax for Anne Howe Trustee (Map-30 Lot-10). SB signed Permanent Application for Property Tax Credit Exemptions for Donald and Joanne Volk of 102 Nelson Road (Map-61 Lot-25). SB signed Elderly and Disabled Tax Deferral Application for Mary Desrosier’s of 7 Lampman Road (Map-20 Lot-31-1). SB signed Elderly and Disabled Tax Deferral Application for Enid Rae Smith of 173 Chesham Road (Map-40 Lot-40-1). SB signed Current Use Application for Jeffrey Enright of 164 Main Street (Map-30 Lot 62).

Building Inspector – SB acknowledged signed Building Permit for Tessa & He’s Halsey of 125 Dublin Road (Map-30 Lot-35) and signed Permit for Janice Jackson of 26 Dion Grove (Map-61 Lot-6).

Conservation Commission – SB noted Meeting Minutes for February 1, 2017, Special Meeting Minutes for Monday, February 13, 2017 and Proposed Agenda for March 1, 2017.

Winston Sims attended to discuss the proposed warrant article to close the Land Trust Conservation Fund and whether or not the SB would consider withdrawing or amending the article. The SB discussed with Mr. Sims possible options and stated their belief that the HCC has demonstrated accountability and transparency on fiscal matters as well as their belief that the voters can decide at Town Meeting whether or not they believe the existing funds available to the HCC make the LCTF redundant. The SB stated it would let Mr. Sims know prior to Town Meeting if the SB’s position on the proposed warrant article is modified in any way.

Library Trustees – SB acknowledged Amended Meeting Minutes for February 15, 2017.

Tax Collector – SB signed authorization for the Tax Collector to collect unpaid 2013 and 2014 land use change tax.

Other Business:

SB asks Angela Hendrickson for next meeting to provide SB with a copy of the agreement with City of Keene on Hazardous Waste Disposal.

Health Trust – SB noted Important News about Health Trusts Flu Vaccine Program.

NH Public Works – SB noted Memorial Meeting for Thursday, March 2, 2017.

NH DESSB noted 2017 Solid Waste Operator Training Workshop Calendar.

NH DOT – SB noted Bureau of Planning and Community Assistance (Information Report).

SWRPC – SB noted Hazards Mitigation Plan Update.

Eversource – SB acknowledged letter from Eversource regarding the trimming and removal of trees on Brown Road, Mason Road, Seaver Road, and Tolman Pond Road and that work is expected to continue throughout 2017; SB noted Electrical Hazards Training Session on April 28, 2017 and asks Angela Hendrickson to forward information to the Fire Chief; SB noted the work order for the light out above the open sign at the general store and confirmation that it was fixed; SB noted Electric Generation Units Launching.

State of NH Dept. of Safety – SB noted the 2012 Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act


March 4th Supervisors of the Checklist
March 13th The booths and Election items need to be at the school prior to 6:00pm. Food will be placed in the Teacher’s lounge. (Who will be responsible for this?)
March 14th Polls Open 11:00am to 8:00pm
March 14th Town Meeting starts at 7:00pm at Wells Memorial School
March 15TH ZBA Meeting
March 27th 29th – Audit