The Harrisville Planning Board held its regular monthly meeting at the town office building located on Chesham Road on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm.

Members present: Sherry Sims, Ned Hulbert, Andrew Maneval Selectman, Courtney Cox, Nick Colony, Noel Greiner

Members absent: Heri Tryba, Peter Thayer

Members of the public: Anne Cucchi, John Cucchi, James Cucchi, Max Cucchi, Ryan Stone, Craig Thompson, Lisa Marie Anderson, Anne Howe

Attendance and voting members
         The voting members present were Ned Hulbert, Sherry Sims (except in matters related to Mr. Cucchi), Andrew Maneval, Courtney Cox, and Nick Colony.

Minutes of previous meeting 2/8/17
All voted in favor to approve.

Approval of Agenda
         Andrew Maneval motioned to approve. Courtney Cox seconded. All voted in favor.

Consultation: John & Anne Cucchi
Ned Hulbert stated the purpose of the session was consultative in order to review the basic concepts of the Cucchi’s proposal and that no binding decisions would be made during the meeting. John and Anne Cucchi presented a map, photographs and plats and described in general what tests had been conducted and what was new to their proposal. The question of required frontage arose and Ned Hulbert stated he would get back to the Cucchis on that issue. Subsequent to the Cucchi’s departure, the question arose whether the PB could review an application given the pending litigation. Andrew Maneval stated it was possible given the application was a new one, with different boundary lines.

Confirm speakers/statements at Town Meeting
          The PB reviewed who would speak about the various Warrant Articles at Town Meeting, including articles related to Broadband, Road Paving and the Land Conservation Trust Fund, and the intended focus of their comments.


  • Aquifer/water protection committee – Ned Hulbert reported for Pete Thayer, Committee Chair. He updated the PB on the working group’s recent meetings, stating the group includes Pete, Erin Langille, Mike Kelly and Ray Bollerud in addition to Winston Sims and Harry Wolhandler from the Conservation Commission. The group has heard Winston Sims’s explanation of the rationale and goals of the proposed ordinance, Charles Michal’s explanation for his position against an aquifer protection ordinance and, in a third meeting, Pierce Rigrod from the State DES offered his input. The next meeting is in April when all perspectives will be reflected upon and key insights and questions agreed upon. From these reflections, the committee will decide whether they want to have specific questions discussed by the public (at a May Community Conversations). That Conversation would provide public input to the committee on the importance of the issue and possible directions in which action might be taken.
  • Responses from website poll and proposed next steps – Sherry Sims presented the results of the PB’s survey of residents on the town website. Ms. Sims stated most expressed interest in online availability of meeting agendas, minutes, documents and forms; others included desire for town history, demographic data and links to other entities in town such as the library and general store. In terms of how the website might be managed, there was strong opinion, according to Ms. Sims, that the website should be professionally managed with some residents responding they would be willing to incur additional taxes to help support the cost, others stating it would depend on the amount and others stating they would not be willing to incur additional taxes to fund it. Ms. Sims offered to type up a summary of the responses to distribute to PB members. Andrew Maneval noted he would like to see an updated website happen in 2017 with the possibility of additional town funds available for the project. She also handed out an interesting newspaper article on how the town of Greenville is managing and paying for its website.

Priorities for coming year

The PB briefly discussed and set the following priorities for the coming year, including:

  • Review PB annual monthly planning document and key dates for the planning cycle. 
  • Town Ordinance rewrite and reorganization – Andrew Maneval updated the board on his effort to draft proposed changes in the town’s zoning ordinances, which he hopes to present to the board within the next month, after which the board could determine the best next steps. Sherry Sims suggested the possibility of calling in outsiders to review and provide input as well as the idea of reviewing Peterborough’s updated ordinances, which include placeholders for future changes or amendments. Mr. Maneval responded he would look into this. A possible small team to work with Andrew was suggested: Courtney and Noel.

    Housing – The board agreed additional review of housing issues should be a priority and that a regrouping of the housing subcommittee was an effective approach. Interest in participating was expressed by Lisa Anderson, Courtney Cox, Sherry Sims and Anne Howe, and Ms. Sims stated Doug Walker also expressed interest. Regarding the Town Meeting, the board will provide information on the proposed ADU ordinance outside the ballot box.

  • Regular Partnering Talks for alignment on issues of common concern – Ned Hulbert stated his hope that the PB can continue to engage in dialogue and work cooperatively with the Select Board and Historic Harrisville on matters of overlapping concern. He further stated he and Sherry Sims have felt good about recent increase in dialogue with the Select Board and will continue periodic discussions, also inviting other members to join these talks on occasion.
  • Ongoing work on Master Plan priorities – Regarding Broadband/Cell and funding if the proposed warrant article passes, the PB will address next steps at its April meeting. On Walkability/Road safety/town access, the subcommittee will continue working with Southwest Regional Planning on the Complete Streets initiative. A “policy document” will come to the PB and potentially others probably in April or May. Andrew Maneval stated the document may be controversial, whether it is issued as more of a mandate or as more of an advisory paper. On Regional Cooperation, including cooperating with Wells Memorial School and abutting towns to assess opportunities for shared services, Ned Hulbert explained that two working sessions are being scheduled for the spring with Wells Memorial School, the SAU and the School Board.
  • Update application forms, PB Rules of Procedure – Sherry Sims offered to review the current documents and to prepare suggested recommendations for potential changes.
  • CIP Initiatives – Speaking for Heri Tryba, Andrew Maneval stated the PB’s need to stay focused on the timeline for bringing forward any suggestions for CIP initiatives and Mr. Tryba’s expressed desire for a general fund available for transportation and other studies to support such initiatives. Ned Hulbert offered that the standing Master Plan subcommittee would remain responsible for CIP-generating initiatives.


Sherry Sims announced that the New Hampshire Municipal Association’s conference in Concord on Friday, March 31, from 9 am to 1 pm is titled “A Hard Road to Travel” and will focus on the intersection of land use and road law. Attorneys from NHMA will address existing laws related to roads in New Hampshire. Board members interested in attending should let Sherry Sims know.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm