The HCC met on Monday, February 13, 2017 from 5:00 to 6:15 pm at the Town Offices on Chesham Road.

Members Present: Winston Sims, Harry Wolhandler, Les LaMois and Andrea Polizos
Members absent: Jay Jacobs, Doug Gline

Winston Sims called the meeting to review information related to two upcoming applications before the ZBA. Don Scott, contracted to work on both applicants’ properties, was asked to attend and was on hand to address questions from the HCC on environmental issues related to the projects.

Mr. Scott first described the application by Mr. Kupcinskas at 429 Chesham Road for a Variance to extend an existing deck on the west side of the cabin to wrap around the front of the cabin, which is set 42’ back from Chesham Pond. Mr. Scott described the unique features of the property and the reasons for the necessary Variance from Article 15, Section 13.2 of the Harrisville Zoning Ordinances. Mr. Scott also described the several measures (including infiltration trenches and the addition of stone beds) to be taken not only to address the environmental aspects, such as proximity to shoreline and rainwater runoff, but to improve existing conditions that relate to these factors. Mr. Scott also demonstrated the ways in which impervious surface coverage falls well within both town and state regulations and how his proposals for increasing native vegetation with native wetland plantings will add additional filtration on the lot.

The Miner’s application proposes the construction of a 20×30 storage shed set 50’ back from the lake on the property located at Yellow Wings Farm. They seek a Special Exception from Article 9, Section 6.1.4. While Don Scott explained that the property owners are currently engaged in a lot line adjustment, he maintained that the proposed storage shed sits in the middle of the lot no matter how the final boundaries are drawn and meets setback requirements. Mr. Scott added that to further protect lake, the proposed design includes that runoff will be captured in a fully vegetated new swale, and a stone bed and crushed gravel path will further dissipate flow of rainwater.

Upon the committee’s satisfaction with Mr. Scott’s review, particularly as the applications relate to shoreland protection, Winston Sims proposed sharing the HCC’s findings with the ZBA. Harry Wolhandler proposed that the HCC notify the ZBA that, after reviewing the applications, the HCC has no reservations regarding environmental considerations and supports the applications regarding their environmental aspects. Andrea Polizos seconded. All voted in favor.