The Harrisville Conservation Commission met at the town offices on Wednesday, January 4, 2017.

Members present: Winston Sims, Harry Wolhandler, Les Lamois, Doug Gline, Andrea Polizos
Members absent: Jay Jacobs
Minutes of December 7, 2016.
Les Lamois motioned to adopt the minutes of December 7, 2016. Doug Gline seconded. All voted in favor.
Lakes and Ponds
The group discussed the ownership and maintenance of the ramps in the town lakes and ponds. Andrea Polizos stated she had researched the information and offered to share her spreadsheet with the group on the breakdown of the entities that own and/or are responsible for maintaining the various ramps.

On the subject of the Lake Host programs, Andrea Polizos noted that the deadline for the grant applications for funding for Lake Host staff is March or April and would correspond with her contact to ascertain the exact date. The group agreed that the HCC’s continued support of the programs was worthwhile. Les Lamois offered to talk to Jack Calhoun, Harrisville Pond Association’s new head, about its goals with respect to the Lake Host program and activities in the year ahead, and Winston Sims stated it would be important to let people know that the deadline is approaching.

Winston Sims asked the group what the ConCom could do to further support the Lake Associations. Harry Wolhandler suggested requesting to get on the Lake Association meeting agendas but the concern was raised that their meetings are held after the season has started and that it would be too late. Winston Sims suggested revisiting this topic at the next meeting in February.

The ConCom discussed various restrictions on watercraft at the different bodies of water in town and how such restrictions are enacted. Harry Wolhandler provided some background and offered to research further.

Winston Sims asked for the group’s perspectives on how the ConCom can best support the Lake Associations and also stated how helpful it would be to have point persons as contacts with each association. The committee also seeks residential input on this question.

LED Lighting
On the issue of new LED lighting in town, Andrea Polizos asked if the new fixtures would be shielded to minimize light pollution going upward.

Mission and Mandate of the ConCom
Winston Sims raised general questions about the ConCom’s mission moving forward and approaching the NHACC to identify the most relevant issues for Harrisville, to bounce ideas off of them, and find out what other towns are doing that could be a future focus for the ConCom. Harry Wolhandler suggested contacting a variety of influential and subject area experts and he and Winston Sims agreed getting as many points of view around the table was the most helpful and productive way to accomplish anything.

The ConCom also discussed ways to participate more closely with the Selectboard and other boards to be more involved in the building application process. They generally agreed they feel cut out; however, Harry Wolhandler noted the various responsibilities of the planning and zoning boards and their duties to adhere to the town’s zoning ordinances in their mandates and decisions.

Winston Sims asked for a temporary Chair to take place for the following month while he finishes up a project he’s involved in. Harry Wolhandler agreed to take the position and all were in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.