Meeting location: Town Offices
Date: December 8, 2015
Present: Jay Jacobs, Chair; Andrew Maneval; Jonathan Miner
Meeting opened: 6:30 PM; Meeting adjourned: 8:35 PM

Documents signed and reviewed:

Weekly Financials – SB signed checks.

SB approved and signed both copies of December 1, 2016 Selectmen Meeting Minutes.

Regarding emails from John Cucchi and from Attorney Silas Little regarding a response to Mr. Cucchi, the SB concluded Mr. Little does not need to respond.

The SB acknowledged receipt of Mr. Cucchi’s request to be on the Planning Board Agenda for December 14, 2016.


Highway Safety – SB asked Angela Hendrickson to schedule a Traffic Safety Commission meeting Tuesday, December 13, at 9:00 am at the Town Highway Garage.

Conservation Commission – SB acknowledged receipt of Draft Agenda for December 7, 2016.

Town ClerkSB signed Oath of Office for Ranae O’Neil to serve as a member on the Trustee of the Trust Funds until March 14, 2017.

Zoning Board – SB noted the email from Charles Sorenson considering recusing himself from the December 21st Meeting for December 21, 2016.

Other Business:

Russell Reservoir Residents met with the SB to request the board’s input concerning correspondence between Friends of Russell Reservoir and the DES about the water level. Jay Jacobs stated that work had been completed by the town at the reservoir, including repairs to the sluicegate and wing walls, and that it doesn’t appear the DES’s correspondence takes that work into account. Andrew Maneval offered to draft a letter to the DES on behalf of the town and the Friends of Russell Reservoir for the SB’s review.

Charles Michal attended to ask the SB if repaving or regrading of Church Street is in the Capital Improvement Plan. He stated he believes flooding is an issue and that the catch basins on one side of School Street are no longer effective. The SB stated that it is being considered as part of the 2017 budget proposal review process. Mr. Michal also asked the SB their position on the possibility of renting a bay in the old highway barn. The SB will continue to consider the matter.


December 15th – Mary & Paul Striffolino will meet with the Selectmen at 7:00pm.

December 15th – Leslie Downing will meet with the Selectmen at 7:30pm to discuss more on the restoration of the Island Cemetery Fence.

December 22nd– Heri Tryba will meet with the Selectmen at 7:00pm to discuss the Capital Improvement Program and Planning Board Items.

December 25th– Christmas Day

December 26th – Office Closed