Present: Winston Sims, Jay Jacobs, Les LaMois, Doug Gline, Harry Wolhandler.
Absent: Andrea Polizos
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm. Meeting adjourned: 9:00 pm
Meeting Minutes of November 2, 2016
All voted in favor to approve the Meeting Minutes of November 2, 2016 with the additions suggested by Winston Sims.
Andrew Maneval’s Work on Town Ordinance
Regarding Andrew Maneval’s ongoing work to propose amendments to the Town Ordinances, Jay Jacobs stated that the effort is being undertaken to help clarify certain areas of the ordinance that are perceived as ambiguous. He cited the Conservation Subdivision Ordinance in particular as a section that needs redrafting and the Wetlands section as being out of date. When asked by Winston Sims what he sees as the Conservation Commission’s role in the process, Jay Jacobs replied he believes it’s the Planning Board’s process and that it’s their function to prepare, present and approve any proposed changes with public input and hearings. He also stated that Mr. Maneval’s initiative is not entirely supported by the Planning Board. Harry Wolhandler added that he had discussed Mr. Maneval’s work with him and that Mr. Maneval told him he’s attempting to eliminate redundancies (e.g., with definitions) and to organize certain sections in a more logical way, and that it was a volunteer, long-term initiative. Mr. Sims indicated Mr. Maneval had been invited not to discuss the proposed ordinances but the assumptions, values and purposes that he was taking into account. The proposal is not anticipated to be ready for presentation prior to the 2017 Town Meeting.
Outdoor Lighting/ light pollution
This agenda item was requested by Andrea Polizos who was not in attendance. Jay Jacobs reported that the town is embarking on installing new streetlights, similar to the LED lights already installed in the Town Office parking area. Mr. Jacobs explained that Harrisville’s current light fixtures are outdated and that the energy cost savings for the town’s 55 streetlights could be significant. The Select Board is awaiting more information from Eversource on details and costs. Winston Sims stated that Andrea Polizos’s input and questions would be addressed at the next meeting.
Payment of NHAssn of Conservation Commissions Dues Winston Sims did not have the invoice in front of him but estimates dues for 2017 is in the area of $266. ??? Jay Jacobs motioned to approve. Doug Gline seconded. All voted in favor.
Letter from Mr. Cucchi to the Conservation Commission and to Winston Sims
The Committee acknowledged receipt of Mr. Cucchi’s correspondence and decided that no response was necessary.
Impervious Surfaces: Lakeside lots split on both sides of a road.
Winston Sims raised the issue of calculations of impervious surfaces on shoreline lots that include two sides of a road. He noted that calculations of impervious surfaces on the lakeside of the lot, especially if there is a house located there, are spread out over the entire lot. In the instance of lakeside lots, for example, this can result in markedly elevated impervious surfaces on the lakeside portion and, therefore, they should be treated specially. Mr. Sims noted his hope that in ordinances and permit applications, special attention should be paid to this. Harry Wolhandler responded that this is already addressed in the requirement of 50 feet of forested land closest to the shore. Jay Jacobs stated that Mr. Sims should address the Planning Board with his concerns. Both Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Wolhandler cited the Shoreline Protection Ordinance. The members also discussed the requirement to adhere to the point system. Mr. Sims noted that temporary structures and hoop houses are not factored into impervious surface calculations.

Mr. Wolhandler asked Mr. Sims if this was an issue on the state agenda at any level and Mr. Sims replied he wasn’t sure. Mr. Wolhandler suggested raising it with the state to see if they have anything in place that can be modeled. Doug Gline offered to research the matter and the group agreed it would be helpful.
Watershed and Aquifer Protection
The group discussed the three types of aquifers (glacial overburden; stratified drift and bedrock) and their locations. Harry Wolhandler and Winston Sims will continue to work on this issue. The group discussed the recent dry conditions at the Skatutakee Spring.
Accessory Dwelling Units
Winston Sims questioned how ADUs will affect shoreland properties and expressed concern that current ordinances protecting shoreland may be contested with the new law. The group discussed the fact that the Planning Board will finalize their ADU ordinance at their December 14 meeting.
Report On Warrant Article Funds
Doug Gline prepared a report on the HCC’s work on the lake kiosks to help prevent the introduction of invasive species into Harrisville’s ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Winston Sims asked if the remaining unused funds would be available again in 2017 for next year’s efforts. Jay Jacobs suggested that the Con Com ask Angela Hendrickson to reintroduce the balance of the unspent funds from Warrant Article 7 as a non-lapsing fund for next year.
Request to Select Board for soils report for Jay Frazier, wetlands soils. Jay Jacobs stated that a copy had been in the file at one time and that Winston Sims had made copies of it. Mr. Jacobs asked the DES to supply an additional copy but hadn’t seen it yet. Mr. Jacobs also reiterated that the DES has the final say on the issue and asked that the Con Com consider the case closed, as the SB already has.
Other business: Mr. Sims asked if the group could benefit from having an expert come in to offer a refresher on any issue/topic. Doug Gline suggested shoreland protection. Harry Wolhandler suggested well testing and “Clean, Drain and Dry.” Winston Sims emphasized the importance of drying to kill the invasive species. He also suggested aquifers.