Meeting Location: Town Offices
Date: November 10, 2016
Members Present: Jay Jacobs; Andrew Maneval; Jonathan Miner

In addition to the Selectboard members, part of the meeting was attended by Winston Sims and Doug Gline, both of the Harrisville Conservation Commission, and John and Anne Cucchi.

Documents signed and reviewed:

Weekly Financials – Selectboard signed checks totaling $2,689.05.

Selectmen Meeting Minutes from November 3, 2016 – SB had already signed.

Mortgage Deed for 119 Main Street – SB acknowledged receipt.


Conservation Commission – Winston Sims and Doug Gline requested input from the Selectboard regarding their response to correspondence dated November 2, 2016 received from John Cucchi. John Cucchi, in attendance, stated that he has been waiting for a response from the HCC and does not want a response from the Town Attorney. After discussion of the issue of recusal, one of several questions raised by Mr. Cucchi in his letter and an issue which Jay Jacobs and the SB stated has already been discussed to the fullest extent, Andrew Maneval and the SB agreed that the HCC should meet and discuss their response as a committee at their next HCC meeting. The SB added that they are available to provide input into the HCC’s response if needed. Discussion ensued involving the history of Mr. Cucchi’s applications with the Planning Board and Mr. Cucchi’s belief that the HCC has expanded its scope of inquiry beyond its appropriate bounds. Winston Sims asked Mr. Cucchi for further clarification of the inquiries made in his letter. Mr. Cucchi then stated his intention to further pursue litigation against the town. Mr. and Mrs. Cucchi left the meeting at 7:35 pm. Mr. Sims and Mr. Gline departed at 7:39 pm.

Regarding the Conservation Commission’s Meeting Minutes for Wednesday October 5, 2016, Draft Meeting Minutes for November 2, 2016, and Reports from Nobis Engineering for the Skatutakee Spring, the SB acknowledged receipt.

Planning Board – SB acknowledged receipt of the Planning Board Meeting Minutes for September 14, 2016, Planning Board Meeting Minutes for October 12, 2016 and the Planning Board Special Meeting Minutes for October 26, 2016.

Other Business:

NH DES – The SB received the Wetlands Permit for Seaver Reservoir.

 Town Tax Rate – The SB discussed the Tax Rate and voted unanimously to take $190,000 from the Fund Balance to reduce taxes. In dollar amount, that comes to $480,000, which would constitute an approximately 12.2% retainage ratio, which the SB stated is at a reasonably conservative point along the spectrum, as recommended by the State DRA.

Regarding the water level of Skatutakee Spring, the SB will follow up with Wes Tarr.

 Upcoming Meetings:
November 11th – Veteran’s Day (Office Closed)
November 17th – Representatives of Eversource will meet with the Selectmen at 7:00pm

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.