Meeting Location: Town Offices
Date: October 6, 2016
Meeting Opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting Adjourned: 8:30 pm
Present: Jay Jacobs, Chair; Jonathan Miner
Absent: Andrew Maneval

Documents signed and reviewed:

Select Board signed checks.

Select board signed and approved Meeting Minutes for September 29, 2016.

Selectboard reviewed Correspondence from John Cucchi regarding scanning meeting minutes.  No action taken.

Email from John Cucchi requesting Winston Sims recuse himself from any discussion or further review of his property. Winston Sims attended to discuss with Select Board.

Email from John Cucchi regarding Planning Board Minutes. Select Board requests that Angela Hendrickson contact Mr. Cucchi about contacting the Planning Board Chair directly regarding the files.

Cheshire County Treasurer – $682,732.00 taxes for Polls and Estates. Select Board received.

Mascoma – Remote Deposit Capture Monthly Invoice. Select Board acknowledged receipt.

Aldworth Manor Road Agreement from Shane Long. Select Board reviewed and requests of Angela Hendrickson if she received notice that the deed has been accepted by the registry.


AssessingSelect Board signed Permanent Application for Property TAX Credit/Exemptions for Robert Ervin (Map-10 Lot-6).

Select Board signed Timber Tax Levy for Zechariah Chaffee (Map-10 Lot-10).

Building Inspector – Select Board reviewed approved Building Permits for David Corkum (651 Tolman Pond Road), Shane Long (184 Aldworth Manor Road, extension from permit 2015-51) and Mike Wilder (668 Chesham Road, and extension for old permit for 2015-60).

Conservation Commission – Select Board acknowledged receipt of draft Meeting Minutes for August 3, 2016, draft Meeting Minutes for September 7, 2016, revised Draft Meeting Minutes for September 7, 2016 and draft Agenda for October 5, 2016.

Common Threads – October/November Issue. Select Board received.

Library Trustees – Select Board received Meeting Minutes from September 21, 2016.

Police Department – Select Board signed policy regarding an increase amount for the debit card for the Police Station.

Supervisors of the Checklist – Select Board received Letter from Cathy Buffum regarding upcoming voting.

Town Clerk – Select Board signed Notice for Elections on Tuesday November 8, 2016.


Other Business:

Paychex – Do it all 401k Manager. Select Board received.

Health Trust – New ACA Regulations on Nondiscrimination. Select Board received.

Elan City – Radar Speed Signs. Select Board received and will include in 2017 Town Budget preparation.

Community Kitchen – Requesting to be placed in the 2017 operating budget for $900.00. Select Board added to budget preparation file.

 Eversource – 2017 Rate Forecast. Select Board acknowledged receipt.


Upcoming Meetings:

October 13th – Rennie Timm will meet with the Selectmen at 7:00pm
November 8th – Election Day
November 11th – Veteran’s Day (Office Closed)