Meeting Location: Town Offices

Date: September 15, 2016

Meeting Opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting Adjourned: 9:25 pm

Present: Jay Jacobs, Chair; Andrew Maneval; Jonathan Miner

Documents signed and reviewed:

Weekly Financials. Select Board signed checks.

Meeting Minutes for September 1, 2016. Select Board signed.

Deed without Covenants for 119 Main Street. Select Board had already signed.

Agreement to Transfer Title to Aldworth Manor Road to Town of Harrisville, Consent to Transfer, Waiver of Notice and Waiver of any Claim for Damages. Select Board reviewed and approved documents provided by Shane Long.

Vachon Clukay & Company – Report of Internal Control Based on an Audit of Basic Financial Statements. Select Board acknowledged receipt.

Information about New Hampshire’s zoning requirements regarding Accessory Dwelling Units. Select Board reviewed the information provided and briefly discussed the town’s existing ordinances relative to the state requirement as well as the initial proposal of a separate Accessory Dwelling Unit article raised at the Planning Board meeting of September 14, which Andrew Maneval and Jon Miner attended. Additionally, the Select Board reviewed a Letter from Anne Howe of the Housing Committee, which Andrew Maneval will review further for purposes of potential amendments to zoning ordinances. 


Building Inspector – The Select Board reviewed building permits approved and issued to SiriPellegrino (21 Hurricane Road), Beck Weiss (756 Chesham Road) and Dean and Pamela Hoyt (114 Dublin Road).

Regarding Gerald Viasner at 77 Nelson Road, the Select Board requests Mike Wilder be asked to review work and issue a permit if appropriate and if one hasn’t already been issued.

Conservation Commission and Planning Board – The Select Board acknowledged receipt of the Conservation Commission and Planning Board materials.

Tax Collector – After reviewing the Payment Agreement Letter for Thomas Killilea, Andrew Maneval moved that the Select Board sign the agreement and all board members voted in favor. The Select Board signed two copies of the agreement, one for the Town and one for the taxpayer.

The Select Board asks Rennie Timm to attend the next Select Board meeting to discuss schedule hours.

Other Business:

Select Board acknowledged receipt of NH DES request for more information on the town beach.

Andrew Maneval to draft the Select Board’s submission to the next issue of Common Threads. The deadline is September 24, 2016.

Select Board acknowledged receipt and will seek more information regarding Paychex’s suggestions for reducing taxes for 2016 and establishing a 401K plan.

Select Board will add contribution requests from Big Brothers Big Sisters (for $600.00) and American Red Cross to 2017 budget preparation.

Select Board requests that Angela Hendrickson pursue the question of meeting with Eversource to discuss streetlights.

Select Board acknowledged receipt of NH DRA on Tax Rate Setting and Keene Emergency Planning Agenda

Concerning a request from Vellaqua’s on Aldworth Manor Road to have another 911 number assigned to their single family residence, it is the recommendation of the Select Board to follow the recommendations of the town’s 911 director and the state coordinator not to issue a second number.

Andrew Maneval will meet with the Nelson Select Board to discuss the potential for shared services.

Pat Putnam and Dean Ogelby met with the Selectmen to discuss options for the Town regarding employees’ retirement savings plans, including some advantages and disadvantages of opting for a private plan versus the State retirement plan system as well as requirements for all parties, costs and amount of flexibility. Select Board will consider the fiduciary obligations and benefits under both plans and finalize ideas for budget preparations in coming 60 days.

Alan Saari attended to present concern about water level in Child’s Bog as well as concern regarding fees for town related to employee retirement plan. On the matter of the water level, Andrew Maneval said he spoke to Wayne DeRosia and that he’s aware of circumstances and Jay Jacobs stated that control of the water is in the state’s hands. Regarding fiduciary fees, the Select Board assured Mr. Saari that these are being taken into account as the board considers the possible options.


November 8th – Election Day

November 11th – Veteran’s Day (Office Closed)