Meeting Location: Town Offices

Meeting Opened: 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Adjourned: 9:20 p.m.

Jay Jacobs, Chair: Present
Andrew Maneval: Present
Jonathan Miner: Present

Documents signed and reviewed

Weekly Financials – Select Board signed checks.

Select Board approved and signed Selectmen Meeting Minutes for August 18, 2016.

Select Board signed Deed Without Covenants for 119 Main Street Building. Andrew Maneval will deliver the deed to Historic Harrisville Inc.

Select Board acknowledged receipt of TV and mount for use at public meetings from Gerken’s Sales & Service.  Select Board will notify Angela Hendrickson that the proper account number is 4194-012.

Select Board approved invoice in the amount of $524.00 for research conducted by Edward Goodrich.

2015 Independent Auditors Report – Select Board requested that Angela Hendrickson communicate with the Auditing Firm about whether the report requires any more information (Management Discussion and Analysis) from the Select Board.

Based on the recommendation of the Fire Chief, Select Board signed City of Keene 2016 Renewal of the Advanced Life Support Intercept Transport Agreement.

Select Board signed Application for the Aldworth Manor Run/Walk Benefit. (Police Chief is aware of event.)

Harrisville Police Department Grant – Treasurer Anne Havill moved money in the amount of $550.00 from the Drug Forfeiture Account at Mascoma Bank to the Town of Harrisville’s operating account. Select Board signed.

2016 MS – 434: Select Board to request more specific information from Angela Hendrickson.


Building Inspector: Andrew Maneval to email copy of Building Inspector letter to Angela Hendrickson.

Conservation Commission: Correspondence from Winston Sims to John Cucchi. Select Board received and noted.

Email from Winston Sims regarding the Kiosks. Select Board noted.

Email from Winston Sims regarding the Letter of Support Tap Project. Select Board noted.

Highway Department: Select Board approved quote for Fire Alarm and Replacement with Surge Protection.

Planning Board: Email from Silas Little to Ned Hulbert regarding the Appeal. Select Board noted.

Select Board met with Ned Hulbert. Andrew Maneval stated his concern that the lawsuit might be a waste of money for both parties and wonders if, subject to approval by the Planning Board and John Cucchi and subject to input from counsel, John Cucchi would withdraw the lawsuit in exchange for the Planning Board’s acceptance of the Cucchi application. The goal, Mr. Maneval stated, is to address substantive issues rather than procedural. Ned Hulbert noted that he has been working with Silas Little throughout the process and has made overtures to Mr. Cucchi, with no response, to allow him the opportunity to submit the proper documents (3 of the 4 open items are available from the 2007 Cucchi application) to proceed with the application.

Andrew Maneval offered to reach out to Mr. Cucchi in the coming week to see if he’ll consider withdrawing the lawsuit under circumstances agreeable to both sides.

Trustees of the Trust Funds: Select Board signed Authorization to Transfer Funds in the amount of $177,000.00 from the Mascoma Bank Operating Account to the Capital Reserve Funds.

Zoning Board: Select Board noted Revised Draft Meeting Minutes for August 17, 2016.

Other Business

Eversource: Select Board expressed interest in setting up a time to meet with Eversource to discuss recommendations on Energy Efficient Street Lights, perhaps combining discussion with Traffic Safety Commission Meeting.

Paychex: Select Board requests that Angela Hendrickson circulate a copy of brochure to town employees.

HostMySite: Select Board to request more specific information from Angela Hendrickson on this, e.g., cost and what the renewal involves.

Select Board acknowledged receipt of NH DES Pre-Fill Inspection/Authorization to fill Seaver Reservoir.

Email regarding Center Line Pavement Markings. Select Board acknowledged receipt.

Select Board to ask Angela Hendrickson to schedule Department Heads Meeting late in September.

Select Board met with Heri Tryba and Ned Hulbert from the Planning Board to discuss submission of the application for the TAP grant. In summarizing for the Select Board, Andrew Maneval stated that the Select Board approved the initiative to apply and volunteered to serve as a sponsor. The goal in meeting with Mr. Tryba and Mr. Hulbert was to consider the specifics of the application and whether or not the Select Board approved of its submission. Andrew Maneval stated he was comfortable with the application. Heri Tryba noted his meeting with Historic Harrisville and the subsequent amendment to the application on two fronts: 1) Not to suggest widening any road section within the historic district; and 2) the agreement with Historic Harrisville to work with them together throughout the execution of any aspect of the project affecting the historic district. Mr. Tryba cited the letters of support received from Wells Memorial School, The Harrisville Children’s Center, The Harrisville Inn, Historic Harrisville, the Regional Alliance, and the Trails Committee. Should the grant be given, cooperation with the DOT would be necessary. The DOT plans, in 2017, to work on Nelson Road and also sections of Chesham Road. Jon Miner raised a concern regarding raised crosswalks as proposed in the application. Andrew Maneval agreed with this concern and noted that this and other specific details can be addressed with the input of all involved parties at a later date, if and when the walkability project is executed.

Andrew Maneval moved to approve the submission of the application, subject to all discussions and review to take place, and to the training program, and to the Town Meeting and to input from residents and all involved parties. Jon Miner seconded. Jay Jacobs spoke about his concern that the application states “all our roads are unsafe to walk or ride bike on,” a statement with which the Select Board does not agree. Mr. Jacobs also expressed concern regarding Right of Way issues and issues of need/benefit to all residents based on potential costs to execute program. Added to that, Mr. Jacobs stated the difficulty of enforcing any regulations related to the project and the maintenance costs. Jay Jacobs opposed the application. Jon Miner and Andrew Maneval voted in favor, stating their acknowledgement that the Select Board will have to make the case to residents and that much needs to be discussed and reviewed before Town Meeting regarding the appropriateness and cost effectiveness of any work. Discussion included the question of future growth of the Town and continued wellbeing of all residents.

Aldworth Manor Road — Jay Jacobs to contact Shane Long regarding progress on agreements and getting the deed with an addendum with releases of abutting landowners.

Upcoming Meetings

September 5th – Labor Day (Office Closed)