Meeting Location: Town Offices

Date: August 18, 2016

Present: Jay Jacobs, Chair; Andrew Maneval; Jonathan Miner

Meeting opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting adjourned: 9:30 pm


Documents signed and reviewed:

Weekly Financials. Select Board signed checks.

Selectmen approved Select Board Meeting Minutes for August 11, 2016.

Select Board signed Intent to Cut Wood or Timber for Anne Howe (Map-30 Lot-10).

Select Board reviewed a revised deed to the 119 Main Street property and the statutory form Power of Sale Mortgage provided by Historic Harrisville Inc. The Select Board will sign the deed as soon as possible in front of a notary.

Notification of Deed without Covenants for Fire Garage (sent out copy to Registry of Deeds). Select Board noted.

Fernald, Taft Falby & Little – Appeal paperwork for John Cucchi vs. Town of Harrisville. Select Board received. Andrew Maneval proposed that the Select Board meet with Silas Little and Ned Hulbert to discuss the merits of Mr. Cucchi’s appeal. All voted in favor.


Assessing – Regarding Allan Saari Rev Trust 2009, Andrew Maneval moved that Select Board agree to $2,500 compromise settlement regarding tax abatement. All voted in favor.

Building Inspector – Select Board approved Violation Requirement Letter for Obtaining a Building Permit as drafted by Andrew Maneval. Andrew Maneval to notify Angela Hendrickson of Board approval.

Conservation Commission – Water Test Results for Sunset Beach, Chesham Beach. Select Board noted. Proposed Agenda for Special Meeting on Friday August 19, 2016 at 8:00am. Select Board noted.

Library Trustee – Meeting Minutes for August 17, 2016. Select Board noted receipt.

Planning Board – Select Board acknowledged receipt of Draft Meeting Minutes for July 13, 2016 and Draft Meeting Minutes for August 10, 2016.

Zoning Board – Letter from Hal Grant regarding a property located at 195 Nelson Road (Kathleen Marie Self). The deed for this property states that there are no mobile homes. Hal has been asked to sell this 14.7-acre lot with a shed and double wide included. Prospective buyer claims the mobile home on this property needs to be removed. Select Board discussed and determined it is not a Town zoning issue but a private matter for property owner and prospective buyer.

Select Board acknowledged receipt of ZBA signed Meeting Minutes for Wednesday June 15, 2016 and Draft Meeting Minutes for August 17, 2016.

Other Business:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Select Board noted that Scott Stone was notified by Angela Hendrickson about the bathroom vents and that all work will be done before September 13th Elections when Selectmen will be present throughout the day.

Southwest Region Planning Commission – Hancock Road Speed Studies. Select Board acknowledged. Select Board to ask Angela Hendrickson to ask SWRPC to forward material to Police Department.

NH DES – Waste Water Engineering Bureau Updates. Request for more Information for Silver Road (Map-51 Lot-7) regarding Standard Dredge Fill Application. Select Board to request Angela Hendrickson to forward request to Sunset Beach Committee.

Ed Goodrich met with the Selectmen to discuss the report he submitted on the Harris Center’s proposal to the Town to purchase a lot, listed as “owners unknown”, abutting The Harris Center property. Andrew Maneval proposed that the Board study Ed Goodrich’s report and what The Harris Center, represented by Steve Froling (sp??), seems to be asking. Question of tax map as well as purchase offer. Select Board agreed to review full report.

Attorney Gary Kinyon met with the Selectmen to discuss property on Breed Road (Map-40 Lot-102-13). The property of Katherine Rives, the current owner, is listed for sale and sits at the corner of Breed and Bide-a-wee Roads. The prospective buyer, David Guilbert, wants to confirm he can build on the lot. Realtor filed app for special exception, thinking frontage didn’t conform regarding Class V road. The property is part of the Cluster Subdivision approved by the Town in 1994 (map provided by Mr. Kinyon). Ordinances at the time, according to Mr. Kinyon, state that if the entire subdivision has 300’ of frontage, it conforms and thus that the lot in question is in compliance. Jay Jacobs motioned that, based upon the materials and information provided by Mr. Kinyon, the attorney for the applicant, and upon review by the ZBA the lot owned by Katherine Rives meets minimum zone dimensional and road frontage requirements of Town of Harrisville Zoning Ordinance 674-41 (regarding building on class 6 roads) . Andrew Maneval seconded. All voted in favor.

Road Agent Wes Tarr met with the Select Board to report he met with Shane Long of Aldworth Manor to walk Aldworth Manor Road together. Select Board will request of Shane Long’s attorney to include mention of culverts along Aldworth Manor Road in contract with Town.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 pm


September 5th Labor Day (Office Closed)