Meeting Location: Town Offices

Meeting Opened: 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Adjourned: 9:00 p.m.

Jay Jacobs, Chair: Present
Andrew Maneval: Present
Jonathan Miner: Present

Documents signed and reviewed

Weekly Financials (sign checks). Select Board signed.

Deed without covenants for the Town of Harrisville Fire Garage.  Select Board signed.

Deed with covenants for 69 Main Street (incorrectly listed. Needs to return to Angela Hendrickson to be amended to read 119 Main Street before Select Board can sign.)

New Hampshire Public Deposit Investment Pool. Report from Trustees of the Trust Funds about investments through that agency. Select Board noted.

Review and sign the 2016 Renewal Advanced Life Support Intercept Transport Agreement.  Select Board asked Angela Hendrickson to provide Fire Chief a copy of agreement and ask Chief to make recommendation to Select Board regarding agreement.

Selectmen Approved Meeting Minutes for July 28th and August 4th, 2016.

Email from John Cucchi addressing his concerns about the Planning Board and Conservation Commission. Select Board noted.

Department Items

Conservation Commission: Draft Meeting Minutes for August 3, 2016. Select Board noted.

Tap 2016 Application: Letter of Support. Select Board reviewed.

Email from Winston to John Cucchi. Select Board noted.
Trustees of the Trust Fund: At request of Charles Sorenson to fill vacancy, Select Board has suggested Pat Putnam. Select Board to ask Charles Sorenson to talk to Pat Putnam to confirm interest and availability.

Other Business

SWRPC: Hancock Road Speed Study.  Select Board reviewed preliminary studies and will await final report.

Resident Alan Saari met with the Selectmen to express concern about involvement of Conservation Commission in too many issues. Mentioned Lake Host program and money being spent. Andrew Maneval confirmed that the Town approved funding for this program at Town Meeting and that the Con Com was authorized to make these expenditures. The Lake Hosts, as Jon Miner explained, are also funded by State and Lake Associations. Mr. Saari also stated his concern that the town is changing by the actions of more recently arrived residents. Mr. Saari and the Select Board discussed that the year 2020 is the 150th Anniversary of the Town’s Incorporation and all agreed that planning for this event should be undertaken (perhaps in 2017 or 2018), and that veterans and families should be honored. Regarding management of Town assets, the Select Board has asked Angela Hendrickson to invite Trustees of the Trust Fund to meet with Select Board.

Winston Sims met with the Selectmen to discuss the policy related to the viewing of public documents through the Town Clerk’s office. Discussion surrounded the availability of public documents and the agreement that any document used by any board has to be available to the public and housed with Town Clerk Donna Stone. Andrew Maneval updated the Select Board regarding the previous night’s Planning Board meeting at which Mr. and Mrs. Cucchi asked the Planning Board to table their application in light of a legal filing. Jay Jacobs asked Winston Sims if he had further considered Jay Jacob’s request to recuse himself from the Cucchi matter. Winston Sims restated his disagreement given his belief there aren’t sufficient grounds for doing so. Jay Jacobs further stated his frustration with Winston Sims’s actions serving as a possibly unnecessary lightning rod, which could have the potential for complicating an already complicated situation. Winston Sims responded that recusal is a very serious matter. Jon Miner requested that Mr. Sims consider Mr. Jacobs’s request and the issues involved carefully before making up his mind. Mr. Sims agreed to do so.

Andrew Maneval moved for Select Board to buy a TV monitor, spending $1000 or less. Jon Miner to purchase. Board voted 2-1 with Jay Jacobs voting against because of the expense and his concern it won’t be used and can’t accommodate plats.

Andrew Maneval gave an update regarding Hazard Mitigation Plan. Plan requires establishing a committee. Andrew Maneval to follow up with Fire Department. Explained to Wes Tarr that, as plan currently exists, it doesn’t comply with new FEMA standards which means Harrisville potentially couldn’t apply for funds someday in the future, in the event of a catastrophe. Needs to be updated.

Re: Application for Transportation Grant. Planning Board has expressed desire to have Road Agent involved. Select Board proposed option to Wes Tarr to become involved or not. Members of Planning Board and Grant Committee to present draft application August 25. Select Board has made its conditional support clear to Planning Board and that board reserves option to revoke its support upon review of the application. Any spending, of course, would require approval of relevant budget items (and or Warrant/Article) at Town Meeting.

Upcoming Meetings

September 5th – Labor Day (Office Closed)