Meeting Location: Town Offices

Meeting Opened: 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Adjourned: 8:50 p.m.

Jay Jacobs, Chair: Present
Andrew Maneval: Present
Jonathan Miner: Present

Documents signed and reviewed

  • Weekly Financials (sign checks). Select Board signed.
  • Approval of Meeting Minutes for July 28, 2016. Select Board approved. Mary Ann Noyer to ask Angela Hendrickson to accept changes.
  • Review and sign 2016 Renewal Advanced Life Support Intercept Transport Agreement. Select Board signed.
  • Attorney Silas Little is now working on the Old Fire Garage deed for Adam Kossayda. The Select Board requests that Angela confirm he is also working on the deed for 119 Main Street.
  • Selectmen’s Office will be closed on August 17, 2016 from 11;45am to 1:15pm for webinar training; doors will be open as soon as training is complete. Select Board noted.

Department Items

Assessing: Lynn Cook would like Selectmen to pick one of the options for the Avitar Agreement. Select Board approved Avitar Agreement as suggested by Lynn.

Settlement Meeting Letter to Allan Saari (sent out certified). Board acknowledged receipt.

Building Inspector: Revised Building Permit Violation Ordinance. Mike Wilder appeared before Select Board and accepted draft prepared by Andrew Maneval. Jay Jacobs to give final review before it becomes official.

Question arose as to clarifying distinction between a camp and year round residence. Andrew Maneval working on amending zoning ordinance, which may serve to clarify this point in some respects.

Fire Department: HazMat Spill cleanup on July 27, 2016 (took 3 days) 21 hours total. Select Board approved sending of invoice.

For Sale sign for the 1988 GMC 7000 Truck. Select Board reviewed.

Planning Board: Meeting Minutes for May 11th and June 8th 2016. Select Board reviewed. Email from Ned Hulbert responding to John Cucchi’s Application. Select Board acknowledged.

Safety Committee: Meeting Minutes for August 2, 2016. Select Board Reviewed.

School Board: Agenda for Special Meeting on Wednesday August 3, 2016 at 5:00pm. Select Board noted.

Town Clerk: Sign Oath of Office for Courtney Cox to become a Planning Board member for a three year term. Select Board signed.

Trustees of the Trust Fund: Agenda for August 10, 2016. Select Board noted.

Other Business

Common Threads for the month of August and September 2016. Select Board acknowledged.

Approved Building Permit for Courtney Cox (Map-20 Lot-23-1). Select Board reviewed.

Approved Building Permit for David Quimby (Map-73 Lot-7-1). Select Board reviewed.

SWRPC: Follow up letter for drafting the Hazard Mitigation Plan. Andrew Maneval suggested Select Board pursue this. Town has one in place but it doesn’t qualify with FEMA standard. Andrew Maneval will work on getting town’s plan up to standard.

Legislative Bulletin for July 2016.

Letter from American Red Cross asking for donation. Select Board acknowledged receipt.

NH DES: 3rd Annual NH Salt Symposium on September 13, 2016. Select Board acknowledged.

Health Trust: Health Trust Summit September 28, 2016. Select Board acknowledged.

Representative of Old Home Day Committee, Cathy Buffum, met with the Selectmen. Requested to move Old Home days to weekend following 4th of July next year, with fireworks occurring on July 3rd. This might be a busy time for fireworks provider. Jay Jacobs suggested having Angela Hendrickson talk to firework folks. Moving OHD to the weekend after July 4th might allow more people to help with the event. Cathy Buffum requested Select Board member participate in the OHD Committee.

Jay Jacobs raised Voter fraud issue with Cathy and Donna Stone, referring to one particular person who tends to use aliases and expired driver’s license to vote. This is a matter for the supervisors of the checklist; Jay recommended that they seek out advice from the NH Secretary of State, regarding how to deal with a situation like this.

Donna Stone raised matter related to Winston Sims request for paperwork in Clerk’s office related to John Cucchi application. Donna Stone reiterated to Winston Sims her policy that residents are welcome to look at them in the office, and make copies if they’d like, but not remove them from the Town Offices. Donna Stone wants Board to be aware. Needs Winston Sims to understand any papers Donna Stone/Clerk’s office gets he’s welcome to review them in the office per office policy. Winston Sims said he paid for papers and made folder and they belong to him. Documents relate to colored map and survey, which Donna Stone thinks remain in old Planning Board files from 2007 application. Jay Jacobs noted that the documents may have been obtained by Winston, and originated with Clough Harbor. They should also be available in the Planning board’s files.

Tom Killilea met with the Selectmen at 7:15pm regarding property he purchased on Cherry Hill Road. Due to financial setbacks he hasn’t been able to do what he wanted with property and is hoping to change it over to current use status to reduce future tax liability and, over time, pay open back taxes. Looking for acceptance by  Board to change to current use status so he can work off back taxes while paying current use taxes. Question was raised whether back taxes need to be cleared up first. Select Board suggested Tom Killilea contact tax collector’s and/or tax assessor’s office to discuss this. Andrew Maneval noted Board members would see tax collector/assessor and run it by them, although Mr. Killilea should also make efforts to contact these people. Jay Jacobs stated that back taxes might have to be cleared up first, and that any change in status might initially be facilitated through the tax office. Tom Killilea noted he would contact office tomorrow.

7:34: Board moved to go into Executive Session, based on review of personal Welfare Department application. All voted in favor. With respect to application, the Select Board approved a disbursement in respect to the rent due, but declined to approve payment of an open oil bill.

7:45: Retun to regular meeting.

On issue of posting Meeting Minutes to Town Website, Select Board will ask Angela to contact Gwen Ames at Abel Twitchell (if not already done) to assist with this and possibly to train the Recording Secretary.

Complete Streets/TAP Transportation Alternative Program

Representatives from Planning Board attended as well as residents and Andrea Polizes, representing School Board.

Andrew Maneval asked if program would exist in 2017 if the Town would be in a position to submit a better quality application then. Question whether funding is biannual or for a two year period. Heri Tryba responded that specific information would be available at August 10th meeting conducted by state.

Heri Tryba stated that one of the state’s qualifications is capital readiness. He also believes town needs engineering studies.

Ned Hulbert supplied letters of support from the Harrisville School board, the Principal of Wells Memorial School and the Harrisville Children’s Center. He cited 3 reasons to apply now:

  1. safety on roads and in town
  2. addressing these questions helps us talk about connecting town better; village to school, etc., and
  3. enables us to get in conversation now (community dialogue with the next one scheduled for September 12) regarding crosswalks

Andrew Maneval asked if failing to be awarded the grant this year might jeopardize town’s chances for next or successive years. Andrew Maneval and Ned Hulbert discussed potential pros and cons of applying for the grant now vs. waiting. New Hulbert didn’t see any cons.

Andrea Polizes, School board member, read letter in support, citing safer roads for kids and health benefits. Resident from Aldworth Manor, Shane Long, spoke up in behalf of TAP application stating it would benefit local residents and businesses. Stated that Aldworth Manor would like to kick off fundraising with its own trail-biking event on labor day weekend and donate profits to initiate fund.

Select Board acknowledged generous offer.

Jon Miner asked about specifics of Complete Streets program. Heri Tryba acknowledged that group provided conceptual framework in its letter of interest and would have to provide strong specifics in application to State. Questions might arise regarding Right of Way/eminent domain issues, engineering studies. The group working on any application will need concrete information for application.

Jay Jacobs stated he appreciates the work of the group but can’t support without more concrete info. He knows the cumbersome, potentially wasteful process of dealing with State (and their mandatory engineering and consulting processes and fees) and work must be done in the way the State say, if it’s their money. Wants concrete data (e.g., on how many kids would use). Would welcome additional detail and maybe phased plan.

Regarding when to apply, Heri Tryba stated he doesn’t think it’s in any way detrimental to apply now. Andrew Maneval moved that the Select Board provide conditional approval for application to be made, subject to determination as to whether it would be better for town to apply in 2017 rather than 2016 (with determination to be made following August 10 meeting).

Jon Miner seconded motion.

Jay Jacobs noted he would prefer to apply at a time when we have more details and more support. Andrew Maneval clarified that no decision about spending will be made before March 2017, at the earliest. There is some risk of applying for grant, getting it, but then not having support of town. How would DOT suggest we approach the grant-submission process?

Jon Minder indicated he would like to see more of Complete Streets planning first. Andrew Maneval. agreed.

Jay Jacobs called for vote. Andrew Maneval and John Miner voted for. Jay Jacobs voted against. Motion carried.

Heri Tryba to report back to Select Board following August 10 meeting, regarding condition imposed.


September 5th: Labor Day (Office Closed)