Meeting Location: Town Offices

Meeting Opened: 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Adjourned:

Jay Jacobs, Chair: Present
Andrew Maneval: Present
Jonathan Miner: Present

Documents signed and reviewed

  • Miscellaneous Correspondence
  • Financials
  • Review and Sign Selectmen Meeting Minutes for July 21, 2016

Alexis Pittman has offered if need be to add, change and set up information on our Town Website for the rate he’s paid now as an IT person or is willing to do it for cheaper outside of this office. Jon Miner stated Pittman’s cost is $75/hour. Selectmen reviewed $75/hour proposal and decided against.  Andrew Maneval noted an offer to do the work for free, at least for the time being.

The Skatutakee Lake Association Committee painted the Police Department Building. Thank you letter should be drafted. Andrew Maneval will confirm letter has been drafted.

Scott Stone will be fixing the vent fans in the Town Office bathrooms. Board moved to accept. All voted in favor.

Department Items

Assessor: Review Avitar Mapping Services Agreement. Select Board acknowledged receipt.

Conservation Commission:

  • Proposed Agenda for July 25, 2016
  • Email from Winston to Jay regarding a special meeting.
  • Water Testing results for Chesham Beach and Sunset Beach.
  • Proposed Agenda for August 3, 2016
  • Harrisville Pond Lake Association Newsletter

Library: Library Trustee Meeting Minutes for July 20, 2016

Planning Board: Letter of Interest for the Selectmen to review for upcoming Training on Street Guidelines and Street Policies.

Email from Ned regarding John Cucchi’s Application

Police Department: Pat Gagne will contact Chief Buddy Driscoll to discuss fixing the rotted wood on the Police Station Building. Selectboard acknowledged.

Safety Committee: Meeting Minutes for July 28, 2016

Other Business

Department of Safety: Fine Schedule Increase in Tickets. Select Board acknowledged receipt.

Thank You Letter from Primex regarding the Property and Liability Program. Selectboard acknowledged receipt.

Aldworth Manor Road: Shane Long met with the Select Board with his Attorney Michael Bentley regarding the Aldworth Manor Road and the proposed town ownership of the road.

Jay Jacobs asked if the town attorney Silas Little’s letter had been seen. Michael Bentley acknowledged it had. Mr. Bentley wondered whether a new survey would be necessary. Mr. Little had concern about the triangle at the base of the hill along Chesham Road. Shane Long and Michael Bentley provided maps. There was discussion about maintenance of stone walls, pillars, and the triangle area, which Shane Long would agree to maintain. A question was raised whether that would involve a subdivision. Michael Bentley noted in 1973 Planning Board had approved subdivision into lots. Apparently one house off the private road never got a grant to use road. Questions were also raised regarding the measurements and dimensions of turnaround for vehicles at Rosemary Trail.

Andrew Maneval identified the 3 issues: 1) Is a survey needed? 2) What should be done about the triangle? 3) Would some type of waiver make sense, regarding conversion to a town road. Michael Bentley agreed it would be good idea for a waiver to be attached to the deed (and would run with the land) acknowledging the Town’s rightful acquisition of the entire road, obtained from all abutting landowners who are benefitting from the conversion of Aldworth Manor Road to a town road. Andrew Maneval state he would be less concerned about survey if such a waiver were obtained.

Aldworth Manor agreed to maintain the stone wall, pillar, and triangle area. Jay Jacobs suggested a maintenance easement stipulating Shane Long has right to maintain these features. Jon Miner agreed. Michael Bentley proposed that Shane Long be given this easement which, however, would be subject to termination by the Harrisville Selec Board at any time. Andrew Maneval liked that idea because it provides greater protection for the town. Jay Jacobs and Jon Miner agreed. Shane Long agreed. Mr. Bentley agreed to draft this form of easement.

Shane asked if possible that he might want to restore previously existing historical detail (available in old photos) where there had been gates. Board agreed subject to review/approval. Also, of course, such gates could not impede traffic on what would now be a public road.

Shane described where Rosemary Trail meets Old Aldworth Manor Road (by the blueberry field). Michael Bentley inquired how big a radius Wes would need for the turnaround. Details on measurement discussed. It was agreed that Shane would meet at the property with Wes to determine the configuration; if Wes is okay with the plan, then Board will approve it.

Michael Bentley raised question of whether the mortgage holders would be required to provide waivers discussed earlier. It is expected that all residents will agree, given the benefits accruing to them from the town’s acquisition of the road. In this respect, it was not concluded that it was necessary to obtain waivers for mortgagees.

Michael Bentley will provide copies of deed, easement and waiver to Silas Little, with copy also to Select Board members.


Mr. Saari raised question about income earned on the Town trust funds. Andrew Maneval and Jay Jacobs requested that Angela contact Trustees of the Trust Fund to set up time to meet with Select Board to review investments.

Sherry Sims asked Board to clarify the exact role of the new recording secretary. Andrew Maneval stated he sees the role as it was performed by Liana, the previous secretary – no more, no less. Sherry Sims sees legal postings as recording secretary’s job. Sherry offered to send board job description. Jay Jacobs said a description exists, for the Select Board functions, and that this was an issue to be discussed further /later. Also outstanding is the question of how long the recording secretary will be living in the area.

Representatives of the Planning Board (Ned Hulbert, Sherry Sims, Heri Tyrba) attended to the Select Board meeting to discuss the following topics regarding the “Walkability – Transportation Working Group” which include a SWRPC training program, a proposed grant, and related master plan priorities.

First Item

Discussed “Complete Streets” Training program. It’s a 12-month free program offered by SWRPC. Could start as early as September. New Hulbert noted that the training could be tacked on to existing Planning Board meetings or discussed separately. Hopes for participation of board members, road agent, and Harrisville trails committee members. He sees one benefit to be raising awareness among residents. The Planning Board seeks Select Board approval to move forward with the SWRPC, and proceed with the training. Heri Tryba expanded on Ned’s comments about the proposed training program; i.e., it will involve 12-15 hours of training, and could be tailored to town’s needs/wants. Similar training was done in Swanzey, Andrew Maneval asked whether the training was really free, in all respects. Heri stated that it was. Definitions “complete streets” vary, but the training program provides very specific recommendations regarding Harrisville. Andrew Maneval asked if there were expectations or requirements about who would attend (e.g. road agent or Select Board member) Heri Tryba stated that it’s open but their hope is that local officials (including road agent) would attend. The Select Board indicated that the Planning Board could ask anyone they think would be helpful to attend, but that it would not direct any Town employee that they would have to attend. Jon Miner asked what specifically the Planning Board hopes the Select Boar would approve. Given the time limit on the availability of this opportunity, an immediate answer regarding approval is necessary.

Jon Miner asked if all roads and streets would be looked at. Had understood Chesham and Nelson roads not included in preliminary discussion. New Hulbert siad it would involve whatever streets road agent and town came up with.

Andrew Maneval moved and Jon Miner seconded that Select Board approve the SWRPC training program. All voted in favor.

Second Item

Transportation Alternative Program through NHDOT. This is an 80/20 “reimbursement” grant; i.e. the DOT would reimburse 80% of the subject expenditures by the Town, relating to the “Walkability/Safe Streets issues involved. TAP funds could be available to cover costs of various initiatives covered by the grant. The Planning Board prepared a preliminary indication of interest letter, which was favorably received by DOT. The completed, formal application is required by 8/31/16. All related to walkability/transportation theme. The Planning Board considers this a Master Plan related issue. Jay Jacobs stated that the Town had had past experience in working the DOT. Heri Tryba acknowledged that there are hoops and formalities related to working with te state. He also mentioned a meeting on August 10th with DOT attended by towns who have applied for this grant, and where the State will explain the specific requirements. Andrew Maneval noted that the timing is not ideal, given that the SWRPC training (which might be useful in developing and determining areas of Town interest) doesn’t begin until after the application date. Heri Tryba noted that Town’s would expect to seek approximately $400,000 in this TAP grant. He acknowledged that the chances are not great for Harrisville to be awarded this grant, given the odds.

Andrew Maneval stated that the Select Board would have to decide this by 8/4, because the mandatory meeting with the DOT is August 10. Heri Tryba noted that the application requires the name of the person in charge of project. Andrew Maneval noted that, since it’s a reimbursement program, expenses would have to come through the Select Board; so, logically, someone from the Select Board should be that person. Heri Tryba indicated that it just needs to be a full time town employee. Jay Jacobs asked if this money, if awarded, would be paid out during the current fiscal year. Heri Tryba stated it would be awarded in near future but didn’t have specific timing for use; that the money could be available over a longer period (e.g., two years). Jay Jacobs noted Town funds can’t be earmarked for payment without residents’ ability to approve or reject at Town Meeting. Andrew Maneval noted that the Town could apply for funds and then present proposal at Town Meeting; the State would have to understand, of course, that the Town would not be responsible for the 20% amount if it had not approved of the disbursement of such funds. Heri Tryba agreed that Harrisville would not be under any obligation regarding the 20% applied for, even if the grant were awarded to us.

The Select Board took the Planning Board representatives’ proposal under advisement and requested that representatives from the Planning Board attend the next Select Board Meeting after which the Select Board would have time to discuss more thoroughly. The Select Board noted that the Planning Board would have to recognize that Select Board might even have to change its mind about this grant subsequently, based on reviewing the ultimate application form (i.e., by 8/31), even if approval to go forward with this were given.

Third Item

Finally, Ned Hulbert stated the Planning Board-s desire to have a future conversation with the Select Board about Master Plan issues, in order to get the Select Board’s input. Jay Jacobs agreed and stated Board will ask Angela Hendrickson to look at calendar to add this as an agenda item over the next several months.


Scott Oliver submitted 2 letters, one from the Harrisville Inne and one from the Trails Committee, expressing support for the “safer streets” project. Shane Long also voiced support, as another business owner, for this project. The Planning Board also indicated that they expected the School Board would be similarly interested, given the benefits for getting children more safely to Wells Memorial.


Jay Jacobs asked Ned and Sherry a question regarding the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board, i.e., whether the Planning Board has ever requested the Conservation Commission to express a position on any current matter regarding the subdivision request received from John and Anne Cucchi. Ned Hulbert indicated that no such input was ever requested.

Jay Jacobs then addressed Winston Sims regarding involvement in that matter. Jay Jacobs reminded Mr. Sims that the Select Board had asked the Conservation Commission not to get involved in the process of reviewing the initial application, nor get involved absent a request from the Planning Board. Jay Jacobs also noted that he intended to suggest to the Planning Commission that Winston Sims be recused and not participate in any matter wherein the Conservation Commission might consider applications from the Cucchis now or in the future. Jay Jacobs stated if Winston Sims doesn’t agree to recuse himself that legal action could be taken to enforce the request. Winston Sims responded stating he doesn’t believe he has acted inappropriately and that he doesn’t believe his behavior necessarily warrants any request for his recusal. Jay Jacobs reminded Mr. Sims that after stating to Select Board that he wouldn’t get involved in this matter, within a week it appears that he had sought information from Clough Harbor regarding the issues involved. Andrew Maneval indicated that there are two phases of the application process — the phase when the application is initially filed and reviewed for acceptable by the Planning Board, and the substantive phase when an accepted application is reviewed. While anyone can be heard substantively at a public hearing on an application, the determination about whether an initial application can be accepted is a ministerial function for the Planning Board.

Andrew Maneval stated that recusal can occur voluntarily (by the person being recused) or compulsorily. If compulsory, it would be a matter for the Conservation Commission to decide, although the Select Board and/ the ZBA might have a role to play. Winston Sims acknowledged different phases of application process and stated he understands that the Conservation Commission should not have a role until an application is on the table. Andrew Maneval stated that prior to an application’s acceptance, it doesn’t make sense for the Conservation Commission to get involved, which he understood had been agreed upon by Winston Sims and the Select Board. Winston Sims noted he understands there is no active application at present, and agreed that he and the Conservation Commission would not be involved in any way regarding the initial submission of the application to the Planning Board.

Winston Sims reiterated his request to see/receive copies of application as they are received by the Town. Jay Jacobs replied that that discussion is ongoing as to when the Conservation Commission should receive copies of applications. Andrew Maneval noted the distinction between applications to the Planning Board and applications to the Town for permits (e.g., Building Permits), and that it’s for the Planning Board to decide what to do with applications it receives. The land use boards will be meeting agin in the not-too-distant future to discuss issues regarding information about permit applications.

Upcoming Meetings

  • July 30th Pond Association 10:00am
  • August 4th Old Home Day Committee will meet with the Selectmen at 7:00pm
  • August 4th–  Planning Board representatives will meet with the Selectmen at 8:00pm
  • September 5th Labor Day (Office Closed)