Meeting Location: Town Offices

Meeting Opened: 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Adjourned: 9:01 p.m.

Jay Jacobs, Chair: Present
Andrew Maneval: Present
Jonathan Miner: Present

Documents signed and reviewed

Weekly Financials reviewed; checks were signed.

Selectboard signed the Property and Liability Assurance Program for Primex

Department Items

Building Inspector: Mike came in and supplied the board with a copy of the approved letter from M&W Soils Engineering for his property and building project.

Conservation Commission: Selectboard noted the letter regarding Keith Pancakes property located at 57 Roxbury Road (Map-40 Lot-87) (sent out certified)

Health Officer: Selectboard reviewed the Drinking Water Analysis Report for the Skatutakee Lake Spring (not Town Spring)

Police Departmen: Selectboard asks Angela to ask Les Lamois if he will look at the repairs needed at the police station. (Overhang on Skatutakee Road side, Main Street left side of building has woodpecker holes that need to be filled, and the right hand side of lower door casing is rotted).

Town Clerk: Selectmen signed Oath of Office for Rex Baker to be a member on the Zoning Board of Adjustments Committee for a three year term.

Other Business

Kim Keenan was asked to come in to discuss some issues on Westside Road regarding RV’s parked next to Silver Lake. Mike identified there were some potential issues with regard to the RV parked in the right-of-way. This one is leaving shortly. There is also the question of proper sewer management for all of the RV’s used on the property. There is also the issue around approval from the Selectboard regarding ordinance 4.1.16. Kim said only two RV’s will remain. David Belknap asked about water, sewer and how it is managed. Bell is hired to come empty RV’s sewer system as needed. Kim is requesting permission to have two RV’s occupied from June 15, 2016 to September 15, 2016. Kim will submit a receipt from Bell’s Septic to verify that the tanks are pumped.

Selectboard opened bids for the Chesham fire house; we accepted the highest bid submitted by Adam Kossayda for $12,601.00. We acknowledged receipt of $1000.00 from Adam Kossayda and ask Angela to return the check to Adam Drew. We also ask Angela to send a letter to Adam Kossayda informing him he had the winning bid. Please also send a letter to Inform Adam Drew he was not successful.

Selectboard opened bids for 119 main street, we accepted the only bid from Historic Harrisville for the sum of $25,200.00.  Rex Baker asked to be on record regarding the distance of the structure to the road, stating it was 6’6”. He continued to state that the distance to the structure next to it is only 10’ away and if either one is on fire, the fire dept stated there is virtually nothing they could do to stop the other one from catching on fire as well. He wished to be on record out of an abundance of concern. The Selectboard acknowledged receipt of $2500.00 from Historic Harrisville. The board asks Angela to send a letter to Historic Harrisville informing them of the outcome.

Health Trust: The board acknowledged receipt of the Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute Fee from 2014. We request that Angela contact them regarding whether any further reporting is required or the payment of any fee.

The board noted the NHMA – 2017-2018 Legislative Policy Process and Important Dates

The board reviewed the Fernald, Taft, Falby & Little – Letter regarding Motion for Extension

The board acknowledged receipt of the SWCS – Letter regarding the WIC Program

The board ask that Angela notify the Chair of HDC regarding the Land Use Board Meeting next week.

Upcoming Meetings

June 30th: Land Use Board Meeting at 7:00pm; following after will be the Selectmen’s regular meeting.

July 1st – 3rd: Old Home Day weekend!!

July 3rd: Fireworks

July 4th: Independence Day (Office Closed)

July 30th: Pond Association 10:00am

September 5th: Labor Day (Office Closed)