Meeting Location: Town Offices

Meeting Opened: 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Adjourned:

Jay Jacobs, Chair: Present
Andrew Maneval: Present
Johathan Miner: Present

Documents signed and reviewed

Weekly Financials reviewed; checks signed.

Miscellaneous Correspondence reviewed.

The Select Board has signed the two copies of the 2016 MS-535 Form.

Department Items

Assessing: Signed Intent to Cut Wood or Timber for John Chafee located on Cherry Hill Road (Map-10 Lot-10).

Planning Board: Selectmen reviewed meeting Minutes for June 8, 2016

Recycling Center: Anne Howe has requested handles to be placed where you throw your trash and inside the sorting building lengthways to the exit.  The select board agreed they would inspect the area to determine the best solution. Wes Tarr also agreed to look at the site.

School Board: Acknowledged that there will be a School Board Meeting on June 20, 2016 at 2:00pm

Swimming Lessons: The Select Board approves Allison’s request to take Nelson Residents Choice Tuition individuals, with their making payment in the form of donations, and assuming that this involvement would not preclude the participation of any Harrisville residents.

Tax Collector: Biller Agreement to review for Invoice Cloud – The Select Board would appreciate an explanation of the circumstances of this proposed agreement.

Town Clerk: The Select Board signed the Oath of Office for Janet Grant to be a member on the Old Home Day Committee for a one year term.

Zoning Board: Reviewed meeting Minutes from April 20, 2016

Other Business

The Select Board requests staff to prepare an oath of office for signature by Rex Baker, for service on the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Rex Baker asked whether the Select Board considers itself bound by the Warrant Article #5 in respect of the sale of the property at 119 Main Street. His question was in respect of values recoverable in regard to monies the Town had invested in the property, and as to the conditions of sale.  The Select Board provided the view that it felt fully bound by the vote of Town Meeting on Warrant Article #5.

NHDES: Wetlands Permit Application for the Town Beach (Map-51 Lot-7) – Already signed by Select Board.

Primex: The Select Board signed the Contribution Assurance Program form for year 2018 and 2019 for Property and Liability coverage; please forward form to Primex for counter-signature.

Confirmation Form for Old Home Day – reviewed.

Common Threads

Upcoming Meetings

June 30th: Land Use Board Meeting at 7:00pm; following after will be the Selectmen’s regular meeting.

July 1st – 3rd: Old Home Day weekend!!

July 3rd: Fireworks

July 4th: Independence Day (Office Closed)

July 30th: Pond Association 10:00am

September 5th: Labor Day (Office Closed)