Meeting Location: Town Offices

Meeting Opened: 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Adjourned: 9:00 p.m.

Jay Jacobs, Chair: Present
Andrew Maneval: Present
Jonathan Miner: Present

Documents signed and reviewed


Reschedule Department Head Meeting


Assessing: The Select Board noted the State of NH Board of Tax and Land Appeals letter addressed to Allan Saari vs. Town of Harrisville for the property located on 493 Breed Road (Map 60, Lot 43).

Code Enforcement: Mike Wilder addressed the Board regarding the issue of people doing construction work without the proper permits. Andrew Maneval asked if the example he had in mind involved a blatant attempt to get around town ordinances, or was it an honest mistake. Mike Wilder responded that there are a lot of new contractors that do not know the regulations, which are not necessarily in writing. Andrew Maneval stated that the ordinances are in writing. Mike Wilder responded that they are ambiguous in some cases. He recommends that the Town commence a process involving a warning to violators first, then a fine on the 2nd violation, which would then be applied on each day thereafter the breach was not cured.

Andrew Maneval asked if a form letter exists for this, and offered to draft one.

Mike Wilder suggested the possibility of making the building permit application a more specific legal document. Andrew Maneval pointed out that this whole issue involves one of three different possible problems.

  1. Work is being (or has been) done without a building permit, where one is required.
  2. Work is being (or has been) done that is different than that which was allowed in the building permit that was issued.
  3. Additional work done, beyond what was allowed in the issued building permit.

Jay Jacobs suggested that a warning could be incorporated into a Cease and Desist letter, so that the message is clearer.

Andrew Maneval indicated that he would draft the warning letter proposed by the Building Inspector. Mike Wilder and Andrew Maneval agreed it was important that the letter and permit carefully, such that they do not restrict any other rights available to the Town.

Conservation Commission: Meeting Minutes for June 1, 2016,

Meeting Minutes for July 6, 2016

Reviewed items of Correspondence in folder regarding John Cucchi

Health Officer: Review of EAI Analytical reports for Sunset Beach

Seth Kallman and David Belknap met with the Selectmen regarding the Water quality issue in Harrisville Pond. David Belknap explained to the board that the State tested the town beach as required in June, July, and August. The tests were conducted on the left, center and right of Sunset beach (direction as you face the pond while standing on the beach). The last test date was last Thursday, July 14th, when seven samples were collected. Sonia Carlson at DES called David Belknap with the results. The measurement on the left side of the beach measured 2420 ecoli per 100ml of water. (The State standard is 88.) The right side measured 165. As a result of the findings, David Belknap posted an advisory at the beach. Residents were not prohibited from swimming but the advisory stated the risk. The beach remained closed all weekend until Tuesday, July 19th; after the results of a subsequent test conducted by David Belknap on Monday, July 18th. The measurements for that test were as follows: 16 per 100ml of water on the left, 29 on the right, and 28 in the center. David Belknap explained that he went down 5 inches, (not 20 as is usually done) and explained that, though not perfect, it was a good indication (and that this approach was approved by the DES representative to whom he spoke).

Andrew Maneval asked if this could be an anomalous reading, and how such a vast differential could be explained. Seth Kallman proposed it could be anything from lots of kids swimming to rain. David Belknap did not believe that there is sufficient information to explain the particularly large reading on July 14th. Jay Jacobs asked if the State would come and test again. David Belknap replied that they would measure again in August; in the meantime, the Town (or Harrisville Pond Association) could take its own measurements. Mr. Belknap indicated that as long as the results were faxed to the State DES, they would be comfortable with our readings.  Our recent results were faxed by Angela to DES. Jay Jacobs asked if the issue might best discussed, for the time being, at the Pond Association Meeting on June 30th, and whether perhaps they could undertake more vigorous testing (the way Skatutakee Lake Association did). Seth Kallman mentioned that both the State and UNH have testing programs to help areas test water quality. Jay Jacobs recommended that the Pond Association address the issue first and then see if the State wants to be involved.

David Belknap and the Select Board agreed.

Land Use Board Meeting: The Select Board agreed to schedule a follow up meeting with the Land Use Board and other town officials sometime in September.

Library Trustees: Review of Meeting Minutes for July 20, 2016

Planning Board: Review of Meeting Minutes for May 11, 2016

Meeting Minutes for June 8, 2016

Meeting Minutes for July 13, 2016

Sherry Sims addressed board regarding the resignation of Peter Crowell from The Planning Board. Sherry recommended that since Courtney Cox is the alternate of longest standing and is willing to step up, that the Board should appoint her as a full member. Both Sherry Sims and Ned Hulbert agree on this. The Select Board agreed to the suggestion regarding Courtney Cox and will move ahead with her appointment. The Select Board asked Donna Stone (who was in attendance) to prepare the oath of office papers.

Sherry Sims asked about the possibility of a TV monitor for presentations at Board meetings. She asked about the feasibility in the budget. Jay Jacobs stated he wants the ability for presenters to include maps as they are such a critical piece of applications and discussions. Andrew Maneval noted that, increasingly in the future, presentations to Town boards will be in electronic formats, including versions of plats. The Town should have the means to make presentations from laptops, as was previously approved by the Select Board. Discussion included various options connecting laptop computers to TV monitors. John Miner provided Sherry Sims info on 60” televisions to review.

Police Department: Issue of Nonresident use of Town beach was discussed with the Select Board. Question rose whether the town should combine Recycling and Beach stickers the way they used to. The Board will ask the Police Department to monitor the beach for compliance with residency requirements.

Select Board: Letter received from John Cucchi was reviewed by Selectmen.

Tax Collector: The Select Board signed the Property Tax Refund form for Janet and Gilbert Heitert, in the amount of $1000.00.

A resident John St. Peter inquired about the revised Tax Collector’s office hours. Jay Jacobs asked if he had seen the new schedule posted in window. Andrew Maneval stated that Board will talk to Rennie Timm about evening hours, in the event there is sufficient interest in that. The Board also advised the resident that the office will schedule appointments with taxpayers outside stipulated hours, when requested.

Town Clerk: Donna Stone met with the Selectmen to discuss Issues with Vehicle Registration and full-time residency. Mike Wilder offered background that there is a place on Skatutakee Lake that has always been in seasonal use, but is occupied now by a woman claiming to be a full-time resident. Mike raised the question of the specific definition of a cottage vs. a year round dwelling.  While it doesn’t meet code requirements, he asked how best to proceed? The Select Board discussed the suggestion of more precise wording in the Town ordinances regarding seasonal versus year-round residential uses. In this respect, Donna Stone requested from the Town a clearer ordinance regarding what constitutes a year-round residence, indicating that the definitions don’t match with what pertains to vehicle registration.

Other Business

NH DES: Instream Flow Rules workshop scheduled for August 2, 2016

NH Public Works Association: Membership Application if interested.

SWRPC Commission Highlights

Thank You Letter from the Stinchfield family regarding the July 4th fireworks display

Upcoming Meetings

July 25th: Common Threads articles due

July 28th: Shane Long will meet with the Select Board with his Attorney Michael Bentley on Thursday July 28, 2016 at 7:00pm regarding the Aldworth Manor Road.

July 28th: Sherry, Ned and Heri will meet with the Selectmen at 7:30pm.

July 30th: Pond Association 10:00am

September 5th: Labor Day (Office Closed)