The well-attended and energizing Harrisville Community Conversations on May 25 will have a follow-up meeting on Monday, September 12. Three working groups emerged from the May meeting: a gym, walkability/transportation, and community activities. Another subject of interest, a pub, may be attracting a group soon. The September meeting will be to get updates on the groups, to give new people the opportunity to participate in an area of interest to them, and to invite more residents to attend, even if they had not been able to come to the May meeting.

The meeting will be at the Granite Mill, as before. We will have pizzas at 6:00 and will ask a token per slice donation to defray the costs.  We also invite people to bring salads or dessert to share. The meal will end at 6:30 and the meeting will run from 6:30-8:30. There will be posters and further information on the town website as the meeting gets closer.

Contact Planning Board Co-Chairs Sherry Sims ( or Ned Hulbert ( for more information.