Many thanks to everyone who came to the Fire Department’s Annual Chicken Barbecue on Saturday! This was the first time in quite a few years where tickets were sold out ahead of time so unfortunately some folks who were hoping to buy at the “door” weren’t able to do so. We’re sorry if you were one of those who didn’t get to enjoy any of that savory chicken.

The barbecue was a great success in no small part due to the very agreeable weather; warm, but mostly overcast so no one overheated. Definitely warm enough for the water balloon battles that were waged after most of the crowd had departed, however!

Special thanks are owed to:

  • Phyllis Tarr for once again selling more tickets than all fire department members combined. Thank you, Phyllis, for your support and your effective sales techniques!
  • The Selectmen for donating a bounce house to the event. There weren’t a lot of children in attendance, but those who were had a great time taking advantage of their very own ‘private’ bounce house. It was a wonderful addition!

Hope to see you all again next summer…