The first Community Conversation Supper was held on May 25. More than 60 participants engaged in lively discussions of possible projects designed to improve the quality of life in Harrisville.

Three project ideas were presented and discussed: gym, town walk-ability and pub. There was general enthusiasm about pursuing all of them and a wish to keep the community involved as the projects move forward.  Interest was also expressed in the idea of a community center.

Participants also made it clear that they would like to continue periodic meetings to stay updated on progress and share their ideas.

We have organized some next steps to ensure that things keep rolling on these possibilities. They are:

1.  Schedule at least one meeting this summer for each project group to get organized. We have asked at least two interested individuals to head up each project group and to lead these meetings.

  • You will receive follow-up information about these upcoming meetings from
    project leaders. You will be invited to attend each organizing session and, if interested, join the group.
  • If you are unable to attend a meeting but are interested in staying connected to the project, look on the town website for the names of project leaders and their contact information.

2.  Schedule our next three community supper and conversation gatherings to enable project groups to give updates and participants to offer ongoing feedback.

  • These meetings are essential to assure that the projects have the greatest level of engagement and support as they start up. Please mark the following dates on your calendar. We will also publicize each meeting in advance as we did the May 25 meeting.
    • September 13, 2016
    • January 17, 2017
    • May 16, 2017

3.  We have attached follow-up documents from the May 25 meeting:

We will be asking others of you to help to carry this process. Feel free to contact us. Thank you for your participation!