Meeting Location: Town Offices

Meeting Opened: 7:00 p.m.                     Meeting Adjourned: 9:10 p.m.

Jay Jacobs, Chair                                        Present

Andrew Maneval                                        Present

Jonathan Miner                                          Present

Documents signed and reviewed:

The Selectboard reviewed financials for the week ending April 30th, 2016 and signed cash disbursements totaling $298,430.86, including $290,000.00 to the Harrisville School District.

The Selectboard received and reviewed a Notice of Appeal from John Cucchi.

The Selectboard acknowledged an Email from Bradford Hench regarding capabilities of accepting credit cards for tax payments. The Selectmen request that Angela speak with Rennie Timm and ask her to prepare data sheets on the Invoice Cloud (task kiosk) product and the Elavon product (provided by or in conjunction with Mascoma) so that the Selectboard can consider the alternatives.

Fernald, Taft, Falby & Little – Selectmen Maneval will revise the Proposal for Sealed Bid regarding 119 Main Street and have it in its final form for the next Selectboard meeting.

The Selectmen acknowledged that the Mascoma paperwork has been sent in regarding the Bank Loan.

Department Items:

Ed Goodrich met with the Selectboard and discussed the boundaries of the Chesham Fire Station and property. Mr. Goodrich will review the deeds and survey relevant to the land. Mr. Goodrich will also look in the Town Registry for relevant documents and write a report to distribute to the Selectboard. The Selectboard reported that they would like to create a road inventory of Harrisville, and asked where they should start in this process. Mr. Goodrich agreed that this would be a good idea, and stated that he has many road maps of Harrisville on file to assist in this process.

Recycling Center – Phyllis and Randy Tarr Jr. met with the Selectboard to discuss the installation of Internet at the Recycling Center. Mrs. Tarr stated that this is necessary for E-Mail correspondence from other Recycling Centers regarding price changes, etc. Also, NRRA, NH DES, and others correspond through E-Mail with the Recycling Center. Mrs. Tarr stated that she has been using her personal cell phone device to answer these E-Mails, and would like to use the computer at the Recycling Center to respond to these E-Mails instead. The Selectboard stated that they would discuss this and return to Mrs. Tarr with an answer.

Selectman Miner moved that the Town install Internet at the Recycling Center. Selectman Maneval seconded the motion. The Board voted to approve the motion two to one.

Planning Board The Selectboard received an E-Mail from Charles Sorenson regarding a State Training Conference on June 4th, 2016 for Planning and ZBA Members. Mr. Sorenson is seeking approval from the Town to reimburse members for this conference for a total of $55.00. While the Board thinks that training expenses that are incurred within the Planning Board and ZBA budget are within the discretion of those Boards, the Selectboard approves of this expenditure.

Town Clerk The Selectboard signed the Oath of office for Jennifer Forman to be a member on the Old Home Day Committee for a one-year term.

The Selectboard reviewed and signed the 2016 MS-123.

The Selectmen received a letter from Silas Little responding back to a question regarding Class VI Roads.

ZBA – The Selectboard received a copy of the Meeting Minutes for April 20th, 2016.

Other Business:

Health Trust – The Selectboard acknowledged that effective July 1st, 2016 Mathew Thorton Blue Medical Plan is converting into Access Blue New

The Selectboard acknowledged receipt of a Thank You Letter from Southwestern Community Services.

HostMySite – The Selectboard acknowledge receipt of the Notice of Network Maintenance. The Selectboard requests additional information what this service consists of.

The Selectmen ask that Angela write a check to Southwest Mutual Aid regarding the Fire Alarms at the Town Garage as soon as possible, and have it available for the Selectmen to come in and sign prior to the next meeting.

Upcoming Meetings:

May 30th Memorial Day (Office Closed)

July 1st – 3rd Old Home Day weekend!!

July 4th – Independence Day (Office Closed)

July 30th Pond Association at 10am

September 5th – Labor Day