Meeting Location: Town Offices

Meeting Opened: 7:00 p.m.                     Meeting Adjourned: 9:15 p.m.

Jay Jacobs, Chair                                        Present

Andrew Maneval                                        Present

Jonathan Miner                                          Present

Documents signed and reviewed:

The Selectboard reviewed the financials for the week ending April 2nd, 2016.

The Selectmen signed the 2016 MS-232.

The Selectmen signed the “Department of Administrative Services”.

The Selectboard reviewed and signed the “Authority to Open Deposit Account from Mascoma Savings Bank”.

The Selectmen ask for clarification regarding the agenda item “Need Town Clerk Meeting Minutes”.

Highway Garage:

Selectman Miner, Selectman Jacobs, and Road Agent Wes Tarr will meet with Ethan Pinney of Pinney Plumbing and Heating Monday at 1:00 p.m.

The Selectmen will set a date and time for a showing at the new Town Garage once Mr. Tarr has finished moving in most of the equipment.

Department Items:

Highway Department – The Selectboard ask that Angela contact division four of the New Hampshire DOT in Swanzey regarding the State sign at the end of Church Street.

Old Home Day – The Selectboard responded to an Email from Barbara Watkins (attachment not included: please provide) informing her that the fireworks will be on July 3rd, 2016 and the Board will be distributing letters to Harrisville residents on the affected streets concerning reduced access on that weekend.

Police Department – The Selectboard noted that there has been a recall on the Police Cruiser.

Planning Board – The Selectboard received the Public Hearing information for April 13th, 2016 regarding the Seaver Silver Lake Farm Trust.

Nick Colony met with the Selectboard to express his interest in becoming an alternate member of the Planning Board. Mr. Colony stated that this would be a great opportunity to learn more about the Town of Harrisville. He has lived in Harrisville for most of his life; therefore, he would like to become more involved in the Town as a member of the Planning Board. Selectman Maneval moved that the Selectboard approve Nick Colony as an alternate Planning Board member. Selectman Jacobs seconded the motion, and the board voted unanimously to approve the motion.

Peter Thayer met with the Selectboard to express his interest in becoming an alternate member of the Planning Board. Mr. Thayer stated that he was born and raised in the Town of Harrisville; therefore, he has a vested interest in the success of the Town. Selectman Maneval moved that the Selectboard approve Peter Thayer as an alternate Planning Board member. Selectman Jacobs seconded the motion, and the board voted unanimously to approve the motion.

Tax Collector – The Selectboard acknowledged receipt of an Email from Rennie Timm regarding taxes for Heidi Kaufold. The issue has been resolved and will not need further attention from the Board of Selectmen.

The Selectboard received a request from Rennie Timm regarding the purchase of an Internet Kiosk product from Avitar. The Selectmen signed a contract for the Tax Collect Internet Kiosk Product from Avitar.

Other Business:

Selectman Maneval reported that the Town Website Committee recently met regarding the newly functioning Town website and discussed possible future improvements to be developed over time, including aspects of social media. Oliver Strube has offered to serve for some time as Web Master, and will assist in training Town representatives regarding posting of content onto the website.

Per the request from Mr. Saari, Selectman Maneval spoke with Charles Sorenson, Trustee of the Trust accounts, to discuss returns being achieved on those funds. He advised of the constraints on investment choices and assured that the Trustees had in mind obtaining both maximum available rates and preserving sufficient liquidity to address occasional Town Trust Fund needs.

The Board appointed Andrew Maneval to act as the Selectman representative to Historic Harrisville Inc.

Monadnock Security Systems – The Selectboard ask Angela to obtain information regarding the Monadnock Security Systems proposals, the information available from Wayne regarding costs, and any costs of changing services, so that the Selectboard can determine the most appropriate security contract.

Fernald, Taft, Falby & Little – The Selectboard discussed Town Counsel Silas Little’s advice regarding Article #4 on the 2016 Town Warrant. That Selectboard ask that this be added to the agenda for next week’s Selectboard meeting.

The Selectboard approved the acquisition of the HP Laser Jet M402DN Printer for Angela per Alexis Pitman’s recommendation.

The Selectboard acknowledged receipt of a letter from Chick Colony to Reed Hedges regarding the progress on the new baseball field being constructed at the Wells Memorial School.

The Selectboard ask Angela to check with the DES Dam Bureau about a timeline on completion of the Seaver Dam project.

The Selectboard will commence the Selectboard meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 4th, 2016 with the agenda items including 119 Main Street and Aldworth Manor Road.

Upcoming Meetings:

April 11th – Department Head Meeting at 9:00am

May 9th – Audit

April 21st – Planning Board Chair and Conservation Chair will meet with the Selectmen at 7:00pm

May 29th Memorial Day Service (11:00am)

May 30th Memorial Day (Office Closed)

July 4th Independence Day (Office Closed)

September 5th – Labor Day (Office Closed)