This year your Select Board managed the installation of parking lot lighting at the Town Offices, reconstruction of Hancock Road from Main Street to the North Pond bridge, and the building of a new Highway Department garage next to our Salt Shed on Willard Hill Road. The Town Garage was completed in early 2016 and the Highway Department will move to the new building this year. It will serve the needs of the Town’s Highway Department very well, for many years to come.

No problems or obstacles to the reconstruction of Hancock Road were encountered, and the project is complete, with a few small exceptions. First, when weather permits, the road surface will be chip sealed. Second, in 2016 we will continue our review of safety issues, including consideration of any potential traffic calming measures regarding that stretch of road. The 2015 work was done with an efficient and cost effective combination of Highway Department staff and contracted for services, and with cooperation between the Town and the residents of Hancock Road – who were very accommodating and flexible as the work was being undertaken – and the Select Board thanks all concerned.

In 2015, we made efforts to bring the Town’s issues regarding the property at 119 Main Street to a conclusion. Much progress was made, although a threshold decision for the Town regarding how to proceed remains: this issue will be addressed by way of the two warrant articles that will be voted on at the Town Meeting. The Library Trustees plan to undertake a survey as to Harrisville residents views of the current library facility and its services; this may include consideration of a new facility being utilized or built sometime in the future. Please look for this survey which will be coming from the Library Trustees, and let your input and opinions be heard.

We were all greatly saddened by the untimely passing of our Tax Collector, Laurie Blanchard. Our condolences are extended to her family, friends, and to all whom she served so well. On the brighter side, we have hired a new professional to our Tax Collection department, Ms. Rennie Timm, and we welcome her to Harrisville.

Finally, we acknowledge and thank everyone who works and volunteers for the Town in so many different, and important, ways. Harrisville could not function efficiently, and would be a far more poorly managed town, without the valuable and generous contributions of our volunteers.

As always, our Boards benefit from the widest possible participation; please consider service to the Town in this respect. Also, in particular, the Fire and Rescue squad, and Emergency Management, are in need of volunteers to help contribute to these important roles in our community. We would be happy to guide anyone interested in these areas of service to the proper town officials. Thank you very much for whatever help you can provide, or do provide, to your Town.

The Harrisville Board of Selectmen.

Jay Jacobs, Chair, Charles Michal and Andrew Maneval