The year 2015 was another busy year for the police department with a total of 839 calls calls break down as follows:

  • 327 miscellaneous calls (a call that requires a log entry only) Example; power line down, assist fire department with traffic, loose dog, assist another department, etc. no arrest.
  • 488 calls for service (a call that needs a state incident report) Example; assault, criminal mischief, domestic violence or a call where there is an arrest or could result in one.
  • 2 motor vehicle accidents includes all accidents, with or without personal injury.
  • 22 burglar/fire/medical alarms cause found or no cause found.

Calls for service seem to be close to the same over the last five years. Motor vehicle accidents were lower than normal; hopefully the increase in radar enforcement has been a deterrent for that number.

The department was involved in numerous hours of training in 2015 some at a local level and some at state and county level. The department has to meet mandatory training every year and every other year there is additional training. This year, the department spent most of the time cross training with departments that we work closely with on a daily basis; police, fire and medical.

I continue to ask that when you see something that you may think is nothing but is out of the ordinary, to make a phone call to the station (827-2903) or the dispatch center (355-2000). Things that we never thought would be a problem a few years ago seem to have made it to this area.

The department has seen an increase in scam reports and it seems to be the trend all over the area. This department spent countless hours on investigations and regional meetings working on these cases. There seems to be no shortage of new ones. If there is an urgency to wire money via western union or MoneyGram it s more than likely a scam. Also, the IRS will not call and threaten to put you in jail. The NH Attorney General s Office website can be accessed at to read about ongoing scams and to report them.

The department will be looking to continue with speed enforcement details and hopefully placing the radar trailer in some different places around town.

I would like to thank Vira Elder, Zac Byam and Dana Hennessy for assisting me in the police department. I would also like to thank the other town departments and Selectmen for their continued support. I look forward to serving the town in 2016 and my continued work with the other town departments.

Respectfully submitted,

Chief Russell J. Driscoll