Harrisville’s Town policies and ordinances support living and working in Harrisville.  Both Home Occupations (Zoning Ordinance 4.1.18) and Home-Based Businesses (Zoning Ordinance 4.1.19) are permissible uses of residential property.

Agricultural uses are pursued throughout the Town, with a number of property owners engaged in a variety of farm and home produce activities.

In addition, Harrisville’s industrial past as a historic mill town is honored by the continued use of many of the old mill buildings and properties for contemporary professional and business uses.   (The Town is fortunate to benefit from the preservation efforts of the non-profit Historic Harrisville, which owns most of the property in the Town’s Commercial and Industrial zones.)

A partial list of local businesses and non-profit entities includes:

Historical Harrisville, Inc.

The Harrisville General Store

Harrisville Children’s Center

Harrisville Designs


Eastview Flowers

Aldworth Manor

Mayfair Farm

Wellscroft Farm

Weller & Michal Architects

Chesham Consulting, LLC

The Harrisville Inn

Cobb Hill Estate

Walker Design & Building

Michael Miller, Photographer

Compass Financial Group

Landesign LLC

Shaker Style

David O’Neil Construction


Hal Grant Real Estate

Adam Drew, Masonry