The Board of Selectmen has developed guidelines to provide a uniform decision-making process when an application is made for a building permit for a property accessed from a Class VI Road or a Private Road.  It is the Board’s policy that any structures built on Class VI Roads (and Private Roads) should be reasonably accessible all year. With adequate access, the safety and security of people occupying or using those structures, and the structures themselves, will not be unreasonably placed at risk, the safety of emergency response personnel or their vehicles and equipment will not be unreasonably endangered, and service, delivery and school vehicles will have safe and reasonable access

The Board of Selectmen will issue building permits on Class VI and Private Roads ONLY when it is demonstrated by an applicant that any construction from such permits will meet state building code requirements, does not constitute scattered and premature development, and will not have a negative impact upon the Town.    The Board of Selectmen may require review and comment by the Planning Board before granting approval for any permits.

Harrisville Waiver Form for building on Class VI-2013

Harrisville Policies-building-on-Class-VI-2013