Summer is upon us, our summer residents and visitors are here. They come to enjoy our lakes, sunshine, friends and family, just as we who live here do all year. Much of the rest of the year, our lakes are frozen, but the sun shine between the snow storms.

Wes and his crew are very busy keeping the roads in good condition between flash floods and gully washers. The sand shed we built last year is already refilled with sand for the coming winter. They have stockpiled sand for the winter after that, and gravel is ready in case we have more severe flooding.

The temporary bridge on South Road is in. It will be there until the state funds the new permanent bridge. The painters are finishing up the highway garage and the electricians are installing the new backup generator at the fire station and town hall.

As all the property owners know, the statistical revaluation is complete. Most owners saw their evaluations go down. A few, myself among them saw their evaluations go up. Please keep in mind that we still need to raise the same amount of money to run the town and educate our children. The tax rate may change to reflect the change in values of the properties in Harrisville.

Anglea and Selectmen’s office staff are very busy. In addition to their regulars duties they are bringing all our files into the 21st century. Files, permits, maps and plans are being scanned into an electronic searchable data base. In the future we will be able to “easily” access property data. This will save lots or tedium searching the piles of old maps and minutes. This data base will be of tremendous value to the various land use boards as Harrisville moves into the future.
Jay Jacobs, Charles Michal, Seth Kallman