For significant contributions to the quality of life and support given to the Town of Harrisville, the Harrisville Board of Selectmen have awarded the ‘Citizen of the Year’ to:

David and Ranae O’Neil and Family

The O’Neil family, David and Ranae and their son Matt and daughter Janelle, have distinguished themselves through years of service in many ways to the Town of Harrisville.

Residents in town for over two decades, the O’Neils have made valuable contributions of time and energy at many levels in the Town.

Ranae, Matt and David are all familiar faces around town.

David and Matt serve on the Harrisville Fire Department, and have long been active supporters and members of Marl-Harris Ambulance Squad.  Matt, if not now, soon will be a qualified EMT as well.

Janelle, as a youngster, pushed the tradition of having a town Christmas tree at the Library and Memorial Park.

Ranae served as the Town’s Treasurer, and continues today a long tradition of serving on the Sunset Beach Committee and Old Home Day.  You passed her when you picked up your ballots today.

Congratulation and well wishes from the Selectboard.