Dear Residents of Harrisville,

What a year for the HDC. There have been more applications this past year than many other years combined. The applications varied from simple cosmetic changes to major deconstructions. Some of the applicants were aware of HDC regulations and proceeded within those guidelines. Other applicants were aware of HDC regulations and willingly acted out of the prescribed guidelines. How can this be?

The HDC was established to preserve the historical integrity of this storied village, maintain property values and ensure that the community maintains its unique stature in New   Hampshire. The HDC was the brain child of previous generations whose wisdom seemed to understand what a gem this former mill town truly was. Their guidance brought about a town which prides itself on the past as well as the future; they knew full well that Harrisville had a combination of a rich history and a penchant for keeping that history alive even though times change. Indeed, many residents have chosen Harrisville as their home for this very reason. The wisdom of the HDC founders also understood that people sometimes lose their appreciation for history and beauty when circumstances make it inconvenient.

In spite of the fact that most resident’s follow these intelligent guidelines, certain insiders have felt “above the law” and have decided to ignore the very statutes the HDC has devised and has defended as its due mission. When laws and guidelines are developed for the benefit of all residents, all residents generally agree to abide by them. But when these guidelines are flaunted by a few, the HDC loses its credibility. A loud message is sent to prospective residents and current property owners that something is less than genuine in what Harrisville claims to represent.

Let us all understand that laws and regulations in Harrisville are not in place to undermine individual plans but to lead us all to work together as a community that shines as an example of our history, our cooperation and our commitment to keep Harrisville the awesome village that it is.

Patricia Cotter-Englert, Chairperson