Not a typical winter by Harrisville’s standards. Only 9 storms; instead of the usual 21 to 28. As a result mud season was worse than ever. From mid March through the first week of April it was mud, mud, and more mud. Plowed mud instead of snow; the mud banks on Tolman Pond Road were 4 feet high. By the end of April things were back in shape.

In mid may we started work on the new Sand and Salt shed on Willard Hill Road. We rented an excavator to handle all the rocks and stumps. The shed was completed November 14th. Thank you to the residents of the town for approving this project. It sure has made our work a lot easier this winter. We will no longer have to shovel the snow the sand before we put it in the truck.

Through the summer we dedicated out time to 3 bridge projects. Work on the Busy Brook Bridge on the Hancock Road took the most time. Not only the concrete work, but stone work under the bridge, as well as the wing walls, and guard rails had to be replaced. Work still needs to be completed on the Sucker Brook Bridge new guard rails and stone work will complete the project. John and Robbie Clark of Keystone Enterprise were the brains behind the concrete work; they are masters of their craft.

We did not have time for the Silver Lake Project, we plan to start complete this by late summer.

Road side mowing and shimming was done with help from the Town of Nelson. I’d like to thank Randy and Jim for all their hard work and dedication.

Respectfully,   Wesley Tarr, Road Agent